Why choose Absolute CRM Software

Build stronger relationships with your customers and amplify sales opportunities.

Unlimited Users

Absolute CRM provides seamless access to unlimited users, ensuring every member of your team can collaborate and utilize the platform.

Pay per Hour (PPH)

Absolute CRM provides a pay-per-hour option, where customers are billed based on the hours they utilize the software.

Pay per Usage (PPU)

Maximize cost efficiency by paying only for the hours you utilize our CRM software, ensuring you get the most value for your investment.

Prepaid Wallet

Absolute CRM offers a prepaid wallet feature, enabling users to add funds in advance and seamlessly access the software as needed.

Personalized Dashboards

Track the status of every individual lead within your sales pipeline and the data stored about each of them by your salespeople.

Sales Analytics

Our CRM software provides comprehensive insights into customers' data, bringing sales opportunities within a specific time.

Sales Engagement

Personalizes the interaction with prospective buyers to strengthen the relationship and enhance their experience.

Sales Performance

Tracks your employees’ lead management and follow-up sales initiatives. Our CRM provide complete data about sales activity and KPIs.

About Absolute CRM

Personalize communication with every customer

Supporting businesses to transform their sales and marketing strategies to create satisfying journeys for every customer and lead since 2009. We have successfully expanded our cloud-based CRM solution services across six countries to help our clients proficiently manage their customer relationship management processes. We offer business process automation to help them save time and focus on more leads to drive more sales opportunities.
“Have successfully expanded our CRM solution wings across six different countries.”
Our Awesome Features

We Provide All-In One CRM Solution

Lead Management

Never miss a potential customer again. Streamline lead capture, qualification, and conversion with our powerful tools.

Opportunity Management

Track deals from start to finish. Forecast revenue accurately and close more deals with efficient opportunity management.

Contact Management

Build stronger relationships. Centralize all customer information for a 360-degree view and personalized interactions.

Company Management

Gain insights into your partner network. Manage company details, interactions, and opportunities effectively.

Forecast Management

Predict your future with confidence. Utilize data-driven sales forecasting to optimize resources and make informed decisions.

Product Management

Showcase your offerings seamlessly. Manage product details, pricing, and inventory for a smooth sales process.

Quotation Management

Create winning proposals quickly and easily. Send professional quotes and track their approval status effortlessly.

Sales Order Management

Convert quotes to orders with ease. Process sales orders efficiently and ensure smooth order fulfillment.

Invoicing Management

Get paid faster with automated invoicing. Generate accurate invoices, track payments, and manage your cash flow effectively.

Purchase Order Management

Optimize your purchasing process. Create purchase orders, track approvals, and manage vendor relationships.

Billing Management

Bill your clients accurately and efficiently. Manage subscriptions, recurring invoices, and ensure timely payments.

Expenses Management

Track and control your business expenses. Stay on top of costs and simplify expense reporting.

Approval Processes

Streamline workflows with automated approvals. Set up clear approval rules and eliminate bottlenecks for faster decision-making.

Reports Management

Gain actionable insights from your data. Access powerful reports and analytics to make informed business decisions.

Analytics Management

Uncover hidden trends and patterns. Leverage advanced analytics to optimize your sales and marketing strategies.

Task Management

Boost your team's productivity. Assign tasks, track progress, and ensure timely completion of critical activities.

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Glimpses of Absolute CRM Pricing Models


Unlimited User

SAR 1 -Per Hour

Limited User

SAR 50 /User/month billed annually

Unlimited User

SAR 1 -Per Hour

Limited User

SAR 50 /User/month billed annually

Lead Management
Company Management
Contact Management
Opportunity Management
Forecasting Management
Multilevel Approval Process
Review Process
Validation Process
Success Probability Process
Escalation Process
Assignment Process
Live Chat
Zoom/meet Conferencing
Real Time Notification
Custom Field Management
Customize Notification
Filter and View
Customize Reports
Multi Currency
Multi Language
Dual Language
Dash Boards
Auto Generated Report
Sales Forecasting
Management Performance Management
Google Meet
Google Calendar
Roles and Access Rights
2F Authentication
ISO 27001:2022 Certified
ISO 20000-1:2018 Certified
Data Security and Compliance
ISO 9001:2015 Certified
ISO 14001:2015 Certified
Seamless Connectivity

Integration Tools with Absolute CRM

Integrating your conventional business system with Absolute CRM provides a complete view of your customer’s journey in one place. It helps automate the marketing and sales activities and improve the reporting system which is essential to maximize data flow and sales opportunities.

Absolute CRM is complete customer relationship management software with advanced features to improve team collaborations for enhanced customer experience. It ensures increased team efficiency and empowers the salespeople to drive more revenues.

Making Your Customer’s Journey Frictionless

Get a real-time picture of sales pipelines and customers' journeys to identify emerging sales trends.

Frequently asked Question

Explore Absolute CRM

Absolute CRM provides cloud-based solutions to improve sales and help you track your customers' and leads' data effortlessly. It includes a user-friendly interface that establishes a highly collaborative work environment within your business ecosystem.

CRM (customer relationship management) software system includes a dashboard that streamlines the management of customer contact information and provides a complete view of sales and marketing progress. It personalizes the customer's communication data and automates critical sales functions to help understand their preferences, behaviour, and purchasing patterns.
The cloud-based and fully customizable Absolute CRM offers complete solutions for managing and streamlining marketing, inventory, and sales processes for accelerated growth and business profitability. It allows users to develop effective sales strategies and focus on result-driven activities to gain competitive advantages.
The flawless management of emails from your customers is the most critical aspect. The CRM system based on futuristic technologies includes email processing capabilities and automatically organizes all emails to send replies to the respective customers on time.
CRM software solutions provide the standard data locations for storage and management. It allows users to securely store customers' and prospects' data such as their names, addresses, phone numbers as well and email addresses to meet sales and marketing requirements.
You know that sales and marketing people deal with leads, prospects, and customers of different mindsets and needs. Thus, the CRM software helps them organize all communication data to gain sales efficiency, prioritize high-value tasks, and improve conversions.

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