Top 10 ERP Systems for Small Business

Summary: In this blog, you will find the list of top ERP systems for small businesses with their key benefits. You know that every business needs an advanced and unique set of software systems that may help them make their business fully customer-centric.

ERP Systems for Small Businesses-Detailed Overview

ERP (Enterprise resource planning) software system is the best solution for improving communications across business departments. It also allows users to optimize their business processes and integrate their financial and customer information to amplify visibility across their business. The ERP system with advanced features significantly helps small businesses to gain autonomous capabilities and streamline their operational activities.

Observing the intensive needs of budding businesses, the Absolute ERP team emphasizes delivering cloud-based ERP software services at a pocket-friendly budget. The software service enables users to organize their business data in a single location and track the inventory cost to apply the result-driven strategy to increase their productivity.

But small businesses need to select quality ERP software for hassle-free automation and multiple integrations. Therefore, we have provided a detailed overview of various ERP software systems offering advanced features to streamline your business processes.

List of Top ERP Systems for Your Small Business

1. Absolute ERP

Absolute ERP

The cloud-based and leading ERP software, Absolute ERP, allows its clients to streamline the core processes across the business. it integrates multiple business processes ranging from the financial supply chain and reporting to human resource activities. The advanced features of the software are capable of collecting and organizing business data under a single database.

Key Benefits:

  • Help automate the core business processes and empower team members to generate effective results.
  • Offer integration feature to bring all business data to a single location.
  • Allow you to improve customer services and support businesses to work on an innovative model for increased productivity.
  • Maintain records related to communication with customers automatically to boost conversions.

2. Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365

The best ERP and cost-effective software provide businesses with a cloud-based suite to modernize overall processes. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an efficient choice for small businesses as it allows them to save time to concentrate on other business areas for accelerated productivity. It is part of the innovation that helps small organizations to integrate people, processes, and data to gain business intelligence.

Key Benefits:

  • Automatically manages customer service, sales, finance, operations, human resources, and field service operations.
  • Provide built-in analytics that integrates transactional and analytical information to create a single database.
  • Allow to share business data with the right people and help keep confidential data highly secure.
  • Enable support scheduling crucial to managing customer requests and query data centrally.
  • Integrate seamlessly with Outlook, Excel, and other web services.

3. Epicor


It is the perfect cloud-based solution that streamlines your business operations and improves sales management processes. The software uses business intelligence and automation features to provide real-time insights into business data.

Key Benefits:

  • Help improve productivity and overall operational efficiency.
  • Seamlessly connect with all process systems of business ranging from floor to the back office.
  • Adapt to the market demands to increase profitability ratio.
  • Automates the processes across the businesses to help you get real-time visibility across your business.

4. Oracle NetSuite

Oracle NetSuite

This specific software system uses cloud-based modules. The Oracle NetSuite has built-in flexibility and native intelligence that allow users to look at the complete view of the business. You may access the software from anywhere without taking stress for its installation. The software runs on the server of the ERP software service provider. Hence it comes with a cost-effective budget.

Key Benefits:

  • Offer flexibility to adapt to the changing demand of the business market.
  • Let you have a real-time and comprehensive view of our business.
  • Help automate different business processes related to finance, sales, and overall business performance.
  • Allow you to overcome high investment in establishing and upgrading business infrastructure.

5. Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct

The cloud-based ERP software solution ensures long-term business success. Sage Intacct quickly integrates with available business tools to automate time-consuming business processes. If you intend to grow your small business through cost-effective sources, cloud-based ERP software would be the best selection. Sage Intacct automates the payable and receivable and also helps them to manage the cash flow for real-time visibility across multiple accounts.

Key Benefits:

  • Streamline the workflow by automating the accounts payable and receivable.
  • Automate the tedious processes of revenue generation and billing.
  • Integrate the various entities, and currencies in one location.
  • Help establish the structured transaction system to speed up purchases and approvals.

6. Infor


Nurturing transparency and collaboration to grow your newly established business is crucial. Integrating your business processes with an ERP software system based on cloud-computing technology will help you grow your business quickly. Infor is the best method to encourage continual progress and turn your business strategies productive and result-driven. It offers end-to-end solutions to make your business strategies result-driven.

Key Benefits:

  • Help you to automate complex business tasks and make your entire business ecosystem highly collaborative.
  • Empower businesses to come up with data-driven decisions.
  • Offer scalability to add more capabilities to your business apps to meet real-time requirements for growth.

7. Certinia ERP Cloud

Certinia ERP Cloud

Formerly famous as FinancialForce, this cloud-based software system empowers small businesses by centralizing their business data in one place. The modern features allow them to authenticate their business strategies for faster growth. It helps increase your employees' capacity and accelerate productivity.

Key Benefits:

  • Help create a single and personalized database that serves as a single source of certainty.
  • Automate the compliance and audit processes to ensure accuracy.
  • Integrate with the business security system to provide comprehensive protection and make your operational activities more reliable.
  • Boost employees' skills to help them manage innovations across businesses.

8. Oracle


This ERP software system based on the cloud modules offers the project team the potential to automate manual processes. Apart from this, it provides updates automatically to help your business gain a competitive edge. It effectively simplifies the tedious and time-consuming tasks of the business for accelerated growth and expansion in the global market.

Key Benefits:

  • Use machine learning to help you create a predictive plan for speeding up overall business response.
  • The AI-powered digital assistance allows you to simplify complex tasks across business.
  • Integrate with business systems to deliver functionalities that may automate your business's processes.
  • Assist you to implement new business strategies based on competitive trends.

9. IFS Cloud

IFS Cloud

The software based on cloud technology allows users to access their business data from anywhere as per their needs. You may find it the perfect solution for minimizing the business complexities and risks of data management errors. The software strengthens your business by optimizing and automating the processes across your organization. It effectively works to drive business visibility to make purposeful decisions.

Key Benefits:

  • Utilize the dedicated capabilities to automate the business processes and integrate data with software.
  • Run on vendor's cloud servers as a service and you do not need to pay upfront costs.
  • Provide you with cost-effective autonomous and multiple integration capabilities to manage your business processes without compromise.

10. Acumatica


This particular software was created using cloud modules to help you manage the rising needs of our small business. The software comes with innovative features to empower your employees to use their professional expertise to their best. It encourages collaborations and helps you to deliver customer-centric services to your customers.

Key Benefits:

  • Quickly and seamlessly integrate your business tools and systems that you deploy for managing the business project.
  • Automate your business process to increase the efficiency of your business operations.
  • Empower you to access your business data from anywhere.
  • Boost the collaborative environment to turn your business result-driven.


These above are the top ERP systems for small businesses. You may thoroughly capture the detailed overview of cloud-based software to analyze which one is the right fit for your organization. You have to pay for services you deploy for your business by connecting to the leading ERP service providers.



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