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Accounts Management :

Absolute™ Finance helps in hassle free management of general office expenses of the organization with the easiest way to punch the expense in the ERP.
You can easily attach copies of their receipts directly to an expense record to avoid losing them.

To manage the Accounts Absolute ERP having.

Ledgers Creation :

Ledgers can be created automatically while you are adding customer & suppliers. Apart from that we have given add new ledgers option in setting.

Journals :

While you are making any sales or purchase in the software or you are making any invoice or bill or you are booking any expense in the ERP then it will pass the journal entries automatically.
you can make the journals from the “Add Journal Entry” also if you want to make any entry apart from activities given above.

Trail Balance :

Trial balance as an important financial tool to check the arithmetical accuracy of posting of ledger accounts but with the help of the absolute ERP you will get an auto generated trial balance.It will helps you automatically to balance both debit and credit items of income, expenses, assets, and liabilities.

Profit & Loss Statement :

Auto generated profit & loss statement is an important tool that helps you measure the financial health of your business.you will get the details of your business income & expenses automaticlly.With the help of this you can decide whether your business is profitable within a timeframe, such as a month or a year.

Balance Sheet :

Absolute ERP will generate your business balancesheet automatically on the basis of all the journals & ledgers created by you. Balance Sheet is the essential financial statement through which you measure the net worth of your business.

accounts flow

Key Benefits of Accounts management ERP software

  1. Accurate Records: Accounting management software helps to categorize transactions simply and makes it easy to keep track of cash flow, all files, and documents. Absolute ERP software ensures that you don't forget a bill to avoid issues later.
  2. Keep an eye on business health: Accounting management system helps to track, and keep a record of all financial reports is not been so straightforward! You can get a complete overview of sales and expenses via simplified charts. The moment you update a deal or expanse on the software, the data gets updated automatically without delay. It helps you to make relevant decisions for business growth
  3. Get Paid faster: Chase your business outstanding like a pro through Absolute warehouse accounting software. Why worry about delayed payments when you have Absolute manufacturing ERP software, send payment reminders automatically to customers
  4. Save Money & Time: As we all know the manual process required a lot of time, However, the digital era makes the process seamless. Your team easily manages and operates the accounting process without any error or mistake. This is helping to save time and cost in business for faster growth
  5. Access Accounts Data Anytime & Anywhere: Accounting management software for small business One of the greatest advantages of cloud computing software is that you can generate, view, or download financial statements and reports with just a few clicks and all you need is a device to access the data from anytime and anywhere through the internet
  6. Easy Collaboration: Accounting client management software offers cloud computing system and the main benefit is that everyone gets to access the financial data in real-time. So your team has to do is log in to the platform, and do what they need to do without any time-wasting and no bottleneck.
  7. Grow your Business faster: With Absolute accounts receivable management software, you can be assured about the accounts of your business. It enables to make plans for the future by accessing data and provides you enough time to look after other segments of your business
  8. Improved Accounting Security: You will have a fair idea when businesses were using desktop-based accounting workflow management software, financial data had to continuously be backed up however the data was stored in a hard drive.
    As we all know that hard drives are quite delicate, they might get destroyed, wiped, or corrupted and become unusable.
  9. Reduce Paperwork & Improve Sustainability: The greatest benefit of using cloud based accounting management system is that you will get all the financial data including journal entries, financial statements, and reports online.
    Whatever invoice, record, or entry is prepared, it is all stored under the multiple layers of encryption in the cloud which is easily accessible to an authorized person.
  10. Simplifies Tax Compliance: With the help of Absolute accounting management platform you will have all the accurate accounts records, up-to-date financial statements, and reports, gathering the documents and information required for filing taxes is absolutely simple and easy.

A Glimpse of Accounting Management Software Features

Cloud Based Solution

Efficiently scalable, easily manageable, undeniably powerful


User Friendly Interface

User-Friendly interface offers a perfect work environment


Unlimited Users

Unlimited users account gives access to any information

(T & C Apply)

Device Responsive

Get the Absolute ERP access on any device


Unlimited Storage

Expend your business with unlimited storage

(T & C Apply)

Multi Language

Let Absolute ERP speaks your business language


Multi Currency

Get the best business deal with a multi-currency option


Detail MIS & Reports

Informative MIS reports for presentations