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Book & Pay Expenses :

Absolute™ Finance helps in hassle free management of general office expenses of the organization with the easiest way to punch the expense in the ERP
You can easily attach copies of their receipts directly to an expense record to avoid losing them.

To manage the General Office Expenses Absolute ERP having.

Book Expenses :

Simply select the expenses name from the dropdown & put the amount of the expense & save it.It will automatically effect your P&L account.

Attach Receipts :

You can easily attach copies of their receipts directly to an expense record to avoid losing them.

Make Payment :

You can make the payment of any expense & it will automatically update the ledgers account of the supplier & effect the financial statement as well.

Payment Voucher :

On making the payment of the expense already booked, Manufacturing ERP will create a payment voucher of the same expense automatically.

expenses flow

Benefits of Expenses Management Software

  1. Faster & Simpler Process: Expenses management software helps to eliminate paper, cutting cost, time, and processing reports, time and expense tracking software help to route automatically the expenses reports to approvers to approve expenses reports electronically
  2. Employee Reimbursement gets faster: Expense report software helps employees to re-collect out-of-pocket expenses much faster than through outmoded manual methods, which helps to enhance employee satisfaction with our Absolute ERP software
  3. Delays & Errors: With the help of expense management software for small business helps to reduce data-entry errors and can mark duplicate entries & product overpayment
  4. Increased Operational Efficiency: The best expense tracking software helps to reduce processing time and cost in order to increase operational efficiency and allows your employees to spend maximum time on valuable tasks
  5. Expenses Policy Enforcement: Using customized rules and automated expense software it flags out-of-policy expenses
  6. Improved Visibility: Employee expense management software displays dashboard numbers like expenditures for employees or per category and the time it takes to approve expenses reports
  7. Improved Productivity: Your team can easily scan receipts by using devices and submit expense reports from anywhere. With the help of expense management solutions, manual tasks are eliminated for the entire team
  8. Reports are Simplifies: Expense tracking software helps to analyze reports that give you a real-time picture of expenses by employees, by project, and by category
  9. Increased Compliance: Expense manager software makes simplify compliance by automatically categorizing expenses and creating an audit trail for tax purposes
  10. Attaching Bills: With the help of expense management system your team can attach bills by taking a snapshot of the bill or invoice; which helps the upper management to approve the expense request after proper validation

A Glimpse of Expenses Management Software Features

Cloud Based Solution

Efficiently scalable, easily manageable, undeniably powerful


User Friendly Interface

User-Friendly interface offers a perfect work environment


Unlimited Users

Unlimited users account gives access to any information

(T & C Apply)

Device Responsive

Get the Absolute ERP access on any device


Unlimited Storage

Expend your business with unlimited storage

(T & C Apply)

Multi Language

Let Absolute ERP speaks your business language


Multi Currency

Get the best business deal with a multi-currency option


Detail MIS & Reports

Informative MIS reports for presentations