Electrical Manufacturing ERP

Cloud-Based ERP Software for Electrical Industry

Absolute Electrical ERP software helps to enhance productivity and improve the efficiency of the production process in the electrical manufacturing industry. Nowadays, increasing competition in the electric industry is a challenge to market your product in a defined time frame so with the help of Electrical ERP software you can reduce your production operation time and lower operating costs.

The electrical business consists of makers who produce generation equipment, transmission equipment, and allied equipment. Primarily electrical manufacturers are engaged with the production of generators, boilers, turbines, electrical transformers, electrical cables & wires, switchgear, capacitors, process & control equipment, instrumentation & control equipment, measuring equipment & instruments, lighting & luminaries, etc.

ERP software for the electrical manufacturing industry is designed to manage your industry-specific needs in a very efficient and accurate way. Absolute ERP for Electrical Manufacturing industry has a custom feature to fulfil all your business needs and we constantly upgrade our system as per the market demands.

Manufacturing ERP

Benefits of ERP Software for Electrical Manufacturing System

  • ERP solution helps to generate work orders and purchase orders automatically.
  • Get the up-to-date information via using on-screen scheduling and Shop Floor Data Capture (SFDC).
  • Easy handling of multiple locations at a time.
  • Multidimensional and analytical reports for a huge range of KPIs for previous, current and future production.
  • Record genuine expenses of works requests and analyze the estimates and expected cost or material usage.
  • Get the complete and accurate information of your business via real-time tracking.
  • Able to get the complete database for timely decisions.
  • Strong coordination between units, locations and departments.
  • Easy identifying bottlenecks and areas of improvement for smooth production operations.
  • Manage warehouse centers with updated stock data, utilizing Barcoding abilities.
  • Electrical ERP software system helps to reduce the time to market the product, enhance products with the addition of services, synchronize the complete supply chain in real-time with all partners to respond to market changes.

Key Features of ERP for Electrical Industry

backed with ready-to-use software, easily integrable modules Customization of software has never been this easy before!

  • Multi-Level BOM
  • Production Schedule
  • Workstation/Machine Planning
  • Multiple Production Houses
  • Job-Work/Outsourced Management
  • Requisition & Approval System
  • Multiple Warehouse Management
  • Batched Inventory
  • Quick Stock/Inventory Balance
  • Quality Check/Control

ERP Modules of Manufacturing Industries

Planning & Production

  • Material Requirement Planning
  • Master Production Scheduling
  • Production Process Definition
  • Machine/Mould/DEA Efficiency
  • Work Centre Management
  • Demand Management
  • Batch Manufacturing Practice

Production & Configuration

  • Bill Of Material
  • Engineering Change Request
  • Engineering Change Note
  • WIP Tracking
  • Job Work Management
  • Lot Manufacturing Practice
  • Tools and Equipment Tracking

Total Quality Management

  • Process Quality Check
  • Finish Goods Quality Check
  • Material Inward Quality Check
  • Document Management
  • Quality Compliance Management
  • Quality Characterization
  • Quality Assurance Management

Dashboard and Alerts

  • Department-wise Dashboard
  • Business Intelligence Tool
  • Document Management System
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Over 200 Reports
  • Multi-Dimensional Report

CRM & Order Processing

  • Lead Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Order Management
  • Pricing and Discount Matrix
  • Sales Forecast & Territory Management
  • Account Management
  • Campaigns and Event Management

Finance Management

  • Compliance with Sch VI & IFRS
  • Automatic TDS & Tax Calculation
  • Multi- Dimensional Reporting
  • BS/TB/P&L/Fund & Cash Flow
  • Payable/Receivable/JV/Contra/
  • Debit Note/Credit Note/Cost
  • Audit Trails and Other MIS

Purchase Management

  • Supplier Evaluation
  • Request for Quote
  • Quote Comparison
  • ProjectWise Purchase Management
  • Purchase Budget and Approval
  • Integrated with Planning Function
  • Supplier Order Management

Inventory Management

  • Inventory Planning
  • Warehouse Management
  • Bin Management
  • Material Inward/Outward
  • Physical Stock Verification
  • Multi UOM
  • Stock Costing and Valuation

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Useful ERP Software for Electrical Manufacturing Industry

Bill of Material (BOM Management)

Absolute ERP software for the electric industry has an extremely comprehensive Bill of Material module. BOM feature can be utilized for both Makes to Order as well as make to Inventory production. It gives you full information about raw materials, assemblies, sub-assemblies, parts, and the exact amount. It is very helpful to keep a record of details of whether parts are to be manufactured or purchased out. Electrical ERP Solution offers a variation of BOM Features like Estimation BOM, Manufacturing BOM, Multi-Level BOM and Structural BOM. It gives you the modifications features of BOM which makes the updated and right BOM version to all concerned.

Sales after Service

Electrical ERP can easily handle sales after services related to inquiries, estimations and quotations. It keeps all records of enquiries, helps generate estimations, prepares citations and revises citations. This altogether saves time to get ready citations and evaluations. It additionally keeps up with data about citations lost to contenders and records reasons for future analysis.

Cost Control and Management

Absolute ERP system for electric industry helps to give you the estimation of required material for production processing activities. It is also very helpful in calculating the exact required cost for orders by taking into exact material landing expenses and action-based costing. It additionally empowers you to compare the exact expenses versus estimates by distinguishing the difference and areas of progress.

Procurement Process Management

Electrical Manufacturing ERP procurement control module, stock module and distribution center module are sturdily incorporated with the production module. It assists to buy the right material, in the ideal amount brilliantly. This ERP module helps to oversee the demand planning, supply of material and stock controls to ensure generally lean stock. Our Procurement management module is very helpful to automate and streamline your procurement processes in a very efficient way which makes the efficient and transparent process to procure the raw materials, consumables & capital items.

Material Requirement Planning (MRP)

Stock out and overstocking are both very critical points of the electric industry so you can avoid these challenges by using the Electric ERP system. Here, you can manage your inventory control and material requirement planning with us. We support demand planning, which is based on the manual forecast, previously consumed data, and fixed level inventories as well as adhoc material necessities. ERP electrical software additionally gives you the different-2 types of material classification and so many other logical reports to make a better plan and execute material requirement planning. Our MRP feature gives you the guarantees of sufficient stock levels with the goal that all materials are accessible brilliantly when they are required.

Quality Control and Quality Tracking

Electrical ERP software has so each and every feature to make sure product quality during procuring, production, stockpiling and delivery of materials. It is capable to handle multiple stock-keeping units at a time. It gives a choice to keep up with various sizes of bundling for various materials utilized in Electrical businesses. It additionally permits to characterize item dispatch data alongside agendas for cross-check.

Our Key Clients

  • KJS Concrete
  • SHH Industries
  • ATC
  • Arth

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Electrical ERP Software

The electrical industry involves manufacturers who help to produce equipment generation, transmission equipment, and allied equipment. Leveraging the power of ERP helps to ensure LEAN manufacturing, control & integrate processes, and ensure to plan proper material planning to keep alive competition and ensure profitability.
Electrical ERP helps in material management, finance & accounting, planning & production, sales & distribution, customer relationship management, plant maintenance module & payroll.

ERP for electrical manufacturing industry applies seamlessly in electrical goods industries and manages all aspects of an electrical component. ERP system helps to forecast seasonal and automated stocking replenishments to offer a complete kit and capable-to-promise alerts and available-to-promise and processing for sales and enhanced customer service. For electrical goods industries, ERP software helps in more advanced distribution activities and supports manufacturing, import management, container tracking, and cost calculations.

Electrical ERP software is fully customizable and affordable software that enables to understand the processes and methods of electrical industry requirements and the lacking areas. To learn more about the actual cost of ERP solution please visit our www.erpabsolute.com website and book a demo, our sales team will understand the requirements of your industry and the size of your business and will help you with the customization.

Electrical ERP software in planning and production means to help electrical manufacturers control and plan the manufacturing process. Electrical manufacturing ERP system helps companies in planning and production to design products, track production, and deliver products to clients on time. The electrical production and planning ERP module helps manufacturers to meet their objectives by giving a framework for effective planning.

Multi-level BOM is known for much more difficult and complex constructions which are included with subassemblies and further levels. Multi-level BOM is associated with each item number like raw material or labor, and with a parent item except at the top-most level.
If you are an electrical manufacturer with difficult and complex production processes, then you must consider and utilize the BOM software integrated with an electrical ERP solution. We will help you and assist you in the discovery and evaluation process.

Here are a few of the ways how an electrical ERP system helps in manufacturing-
  1. Increased efficiency
  2. Enhanced Agility
  3. Decrease cost
  4. Enhanced customer relations
  5. Inventory Management

Yes, batched inventory helps to manage all aspects of the business on a one-stop platform, included with inventory, tracking, movement, finance, planning, logistics, and operations. Electrical ERP inventory management lets you take a look at the real-time inventory information of the entire company.

Yes, without a systemic and organized supply chain management electrical industry is incomplete. It’s played a vital role in the electrical industry. Electrical ERP solution helps to increase efficient demand and production management, material management, sales & distribution, plant maintenance module, and cloud computing capabilities.

Here are the few advantages of ERP for electrical industry-
  1. Product availability
  2. Price & Quality
  3. Manage the cash flow
  4. Margins, sales & costs
  5. Workflow management
  6. Digital transformation drivers & opportunities

The electrical manufacturing ERP software is dealing with loads of heavy to medium electrical productions while the main concern is planting installing and commissioning. Electrical ERP system helps to decrease costs, increase sales and help the electrical industry to make the right planning and strategic decisions.
Electrical ERP solution is a collection of components and databases that can help to facilitate different departments from the plant, supply chain, and distributors to manufacturing and get real-time business insight to look at plant installation.


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