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Leave Management :

Absolute™ HR & Payroll you can manage leaves of all the employee in the organization & you track the presence & absence of all the employee, even you can have a track of your employee vacations.Centralized view of all employee leave information & holidays List can be updated according to different locations & branches.

To manage the leave through Absolute Manufacturing ERP.

Manage Leave :

You can fix the leaves you are providing to your employees like casual leave, sick leave etc. & when these leaves will accrue.
Your employee can view the history of all their leaves taken & how much leaves left with them.

Leave Request :

Employee can apply for the leave & this request will go to the immediate reporting person. Employee can view the status of the applied leave.

Approve /Reject Leave Request :

Reporting person will approve or reject his leave then ERP Software will go the Hr & then Hr will approve & reject the same leave request.
After approval or rejection it will show automatically in the attendance sheet of the employee.

leave flow

Benefits of Leave Management Software

  1. Reduce Manual Paper-based process: Leave Management Software helps to automate the core functions of employee absence management and provides other functionality. The upper management team has access to the portal for all time and attendance activities.
  2. Monitoring real-time Leave: Leave Management System provides you access to the complete employee leave data, including accruals, leave balances, and information about special cases like when employees borrow against future accruals.
  3. Alignment of Leave requests with Organizational Policies: With a strong leave management system, you don’t need to keep manual track of carryover rules and policies for leave exceptions.
  4. Capability Enhancement of Workforce Management System: Leave tracking Software offers seamless integration, it makes sure that employee leaves data syncs with other critical areas of workforce management.
  5. Improved Communication: With cloud-based Leave management system managers can enjoy a stress-free process for managing future planned leave requests. Managers also have access to historical time off data for their team, so they can easily check who is taking time off.
  6. Cloud-Based: A cloud-based employee leave software will not only provide a multi-channel, on-the-go process, however, it also eliminates hassles like HR software installations and updates. By using leave management software in India your employees can apply easily and approve or reject leave requests from anywhere at any time.
  7. All-in-one Dashboard: Employees can have a look at their leave balance and check their co-workers’ days off while applying for leave. Employee leaves balance, holiday lists, department schedule, and workforce coverage to evaluate leave requests better.
  8. Configurable Fields (Leave Type, Policy, Holiday List): Policies may vary from company to company. The Leave report management helps your staff to customize all fields to fit your organization’s policies.
  9. Auto-Update leave Balance: Your Leave applications System can help to track the leave history of all employees and display it on the portal for both employees and managers.
  10. Promote your Company’s Value: For every company, transparency is a great morale booster. Open communication about leave is also a good practice. If the transparency and encouraging leaves section are not the part of your company, they definitely should be the part of your company to promote the values.

A Glimpse of Leave Management Software Features

Cloud Based Solution

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User Friendly Interface

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Unlimited Users

Unlimited users account gives access to any information

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Device Responsive

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Unlimited Storage

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Multi Language

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Multi Currency

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Detail MIS & Reports

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