Garment Manufacturing ERP

Cloud Based ERP Software for Garment Industry

The fashion and garment industry are one of the oldest and ever-expanding industries. Absolute ERP Offers best Garment ERP software for manufacturing industry to manage multiple manufacturing business processes and overall garment management operations. Small and Large Apparel manufacturers implement Garment ERP software to handle so many manufacturing processes which include, Production, Planning, Design, Sourcing, Purchasing, Logistics, Warehousing, and Financial Administration.

In the wake of increasing competition in the textile and garment market, manufacturers, as well as businesses, are turning towards effective means to tackle the chaos. Apparel ERP Software can serve as a key centralized software for managing inventory, purchases, sales, customer relationships, and assist in meeting the statutory requirements of the business.

ERP for Garment Manufacturing industry gives a framework inside which fabric industries can arrange their commercial enterprise and production know-a way to create an important manage resource. Garment ERP solution aids in automating repetitive and time-consuming manufacturing and production tasks within the organization smoothly.

This ERP system is customizable cloud-based garment manufacturing ERP software, which contains features specifically for production and manufacturing tasks.

The garment industry has many different processes, garment ERP software makes the business processes more systematic

  • Selecting between different colors of fabric and fabric textures.
  • Decisions to take regarding fabric length sizes, width sizes, etc.
  • The requirement of classifying a huge number of items.
  • Categorizing prices, models, items, sizes, colors.
  • Automatic calculation of sales figures.
  • Calculating cost price of garments.
  • Multilingual descriptions of the garments.
  • Extensive status structure and control over company processes.
Manufacturing ERP

Sales is another big factor upon which the garment and apparel industry spends resources to manage the processes and complexities effectively.

Apparel ERP solution caters to below pointers to streamline the process

  • Vast status structure on clients, manage organization processes.
  • Create the invoices, order confirmation and all sales documents as per the customer language.
  • Differentiation between selling to-client, bill-to-client and ship to-client.
  • As many ship-to-addresses according to consumer as required.
  • Adaptable discount structures.
  • Easy order entry.
  • Filled the order entry via using client's unique item number or barcode.
  • Create automatic sales orders from quotes and block orders.
  • Manage Order monitoring and tracing.
  • Create multiple shipping dates within one sales order.
  • Examine and Register order variations with reason codes.
  • Speed up the order entry via using matrix.
  • Streamline your manufacturing process in a very effective manner.
  • Easy handling of payments and receipts of multiple clients at a time.

Key Features of ERP for Garments Industry

backed with ready-to-use software, easily integrable modules Customization of software has never been this easy before!

  • Multi-Level BOM
  • Production Schedule
  • Workstation/Machine Planning
  • Multiple Production Houses
  • Job-Work/Outsourced Management
  • Requisition & Approval System
  • Multiple Warehouse Management
  • Batched Inventory
  • Quick Stock/Inventory Balance
  • Quality Check/Control

ERP Modules of Manufacturing Industries

Planning & Production

  • Material Requirement Planning
  • Master Production Scheduling
  • Production Process Definition
  • Machine/Mould/DEA Efficiency
  • Work Centre Management
  • Demand Management
  • Batch Manufacturing Practice

Production & Configuration

  • Bill Of Material
  • Engineering Change Request
  • Engineering Change Note
  • WIP Tracking
  • Job Work Management
  • Lot Manufacturing Practice
  • Tools and Equipment Tracking

Total Quality Management

  • Process Quality Check
  • Finish Goods Quality Check
  • Material Inward Quality Check
  • Document Management
  • Quality Compliance Management
  • Quality Characterization
  • Quality Assurance Management

Dashboard and Alerts

  • Department-wise Dashboard
  • Business Intelligence Tool
  • Document Management System
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Over 200 Reports
  • Multi-Dimensional Report

CRM & Order Processing

  • Lead Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Order Management
  • Pricing and Discount Matrix
  • Sales Forecast & Territory Management
  • Account Management
  • Campaigns and Event Management

Finance Management

  • Compliance with Sch VI & IFRS
  • Automatic TDS & Tax Calculation
  • Multi- Dimensional Reporting
  • BS/TB/P&L/Fund & Cash Flow
  • Payable/Receivable/JV/Contra/
  • Debit Note/Credit Note/Cost
  • Audit Trails and Other MIS

Purchase Management

  • Supplier Evaluation
  • Request for Quote
  • Quote Comparison
  • ProjectWise Purchase Management
  • Purchase Budget and Approval
  • Integrated with Planning Function
  • Supplier Order Management

Inventory Management

  • Inventory Planning
  • Warehouse Management
  • Bin Management
  • Material Inward/Outward
  • Physical Stock Verification
  • Multi UOM
  • Stock Costing and Valuation

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Benefits of ERP software for Garment Manufacturing Industry:

Streamlined Supply Chain Management

Major obstacles usually occur in production, distribution, and collaboration between different departments, and automating these processes through ERP software will reduce the pressure and enhance overall productivity. The best way to streamline the supply chain of a Garment manufacturing industry is by adopting Garment ERP Software.

Strengthens Co-operation

Apparel manufacturing software collates data from every department onto one place of access, allowing the companies to have centralized communication. This ensures the free flow of data between the various departments of the industry, promoting strengthening of bonds and understanding in a place where large-scale teamwork is difficult.

Accurate Generation of Financial Reports

ERP solution for textile industry to creates accounting reports automatically, accurately, in real-time. It can generate reports such as income, expenditure, debts, production cost, profit, loss, etc. Integrating the ERP with your accounting software will ensure financial information is obtained in real-time and with high accuracy.

Increase in Sales

ERP system suppresses the risks which are associated with pricing, order quantity, and distribution through sales forecasting and monitoring. It is very helpful to the management for improvising the sales via creating the best strategies.

Purchasing and Vendor Management

Adopting Garment Manufacturing ERP solution makes purchasing management within internal departments more simplified, as the matrices are approved online. Here, it’s an automatic process to convert the purchase request to purchase order. This helps in fraud prevention and prevents procurement from exceeding the approved budget.

Organizes Customers

The seamless flow of information makes available information to salespersons easier. Therefore, targeting the right audiences for marketing campaigns becomes simpler and more effective.

Automates Invoice Generation and Payment Management

Clothing manufacturing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System helps in removing the manual repetitive administration tasks which plague the garment industry, one such task is creating invoices. ERP software automates the printing or sending of invoices to customers. Also, it makes giving a follow-up easier, which helps in bringing in payments faster and easier.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Garment ERP Software

When fashion and technology come together to offer an integrated system and tech-driven experience to your garments manufacturing industry. Our businesses have been taken over by advanced technology and in the last two years of pandemic has taught us the value of technology, and fashion and apparel industry are no exception.
Now the new age of start-ups is back on technology and rely on ERP solution that is meant to support the garments industry.
Let’s take a closer look at the benefits and understand how it help the garments manufacturing industry-
  1. Inventory control & management.
  2. Production planning & management.
  3. Human resource management.
  4. Order tracking & management.
  5. Channel Management.
  6. Sales generation.
  7. Accurate management information system (MIS) reporting.
  8. Multi-location data control.
  9. Increased security & Scalability.
  10. Organized workflow management.
  11. Improved productivity and quality.

ERP solution supports your garment industry to streamline and automate their processes and manage their entire process from start to finish product.
Garment ERP software helps to centralize all the information from several departments to make easy communication within the departments and collaboration.
Take a deep dive into ERP system and understand how it helps garments manufacturer to save time and money-
  1. Streamlined supply chain management.
  2. Improved security and easily mobile data access.
  3. Improved communication & collaboration.
  4. Easy handling payments & receipts.
  5. Accurate financial reports generation.
  6. Enhanced quality management.
  7. Reduce machine downtime.
  8. Increased sales and distribution.
  9. Save your cost.
  10. Organized customer easily.
  11. Improved supplier management.
  12. Optimized Production.
  13. Automatic invoices generate & payment management.
  14. Simplify purchase & vendor management.
  15. Improved Inventory management.
  16. Offer flexibility.
  17. Improved customer satisfaction.
Above mentioned pointers help textile manufacturers to save a lot of time and money.

The fashion and garments industry are evergreen. This industry grows in all seasons. Apparel industry process with many steps to finish in product. First industry collects the raw material and evaluates several factors and data to grow their business and handle their data.
Many Apparel industry produce a different kind of fabric that can be natural and synthetic.
Garments industry is a rack of multiple processes that can be manage by cloud-based garments ERP software. Absolute ERP system for garment industry helps employees to plan the business and organize their data and balance all the steps of clothing industry.
Apparel ERP software helps to manage and store the data that related to raw material management, fabrics, production, export and import of the products, data of workers, production scheduling, order placement, and many more things.
Garment ERP system is more convenient for the employees to handle all the data in the organization and with others.

Let’s have a closer look at the primary benefits:
  1. Efficient Business Process - Garment ERP software enables to handle all your business works including material management, order management, purchase management and many more from single source.
  2. Inventory Control & management - Each item is important in clothing brands. The garment industry makes a variety of clothes, styles, colors, and sizes that can be tracked at every stage of the manufacturing process.
  3. Manage Customer Relationships - ERP software allows organizations to communicate with their customers in a better way. Garment ERP system enables real-time data about their consumers and better understand the nature and demand.
  4. Payments & Billing - Without a garment ERP solution it will be difficult to manage multiple clients and orders is a tough task. Clients, brokers, workers, agents, and others must all be managed by ERP software. Garment ERP system helps to improve payment process and keeping track of invoicing, generating bills, and receipts of products and services in different price ranges.
  5. Improved Data Security & Seamless Access - A cloud-based ERP solution for garment manufacturing business offers effective control over data that they can access from any devices from anywhere. It helps to store all kinds of information and important data, including sales, employees, costs, purchases and so on.

Absolute ERP is the best ERP software provider for the garments industry. We are providing a complete and customizable solution to take your business to the next heights. ERP system is the mind of computer technology and your garments industry too that simplifies your business process, saves your extra time, labor cost, manages your inventory, production, sales and distribution and many more.

Of course! Garment ERP software is customizable. While booking a demo of ERP system you can have a look at the features and benefits. You can compare the features and check if all the features are fulfilling your business needs or not. In case you need something specific in ERP solution you can ask the expert to customize as per your industry requirements.

Let’s have a look at the primary advantages of garment manufacturing-
  1. Assists in the development and demand-driven MRP strategy - Supply chain management is one of the crucial points of any apparel manufacturing industry. However, there are numerous risks in supply chain process. Garment ERP software helps in apparel industry to reduce their risk to grow fast in the industry.
  2. Retain automatic reorders to avoid risks - A paper-based process leaves space for human error but with a cloud-based ERP solution control and standardization can be automated and audited.
  3. Industry Recalls - Most of garment manufacturing industry choose manual jobs and that creates causes of company risks. If you want to avoid or minimum risks then you need to install garment management software that aids to reduce numerous human errors.
  4. Share supply chain information with partners - Most of garment companies confront countless hazards in that case, ERP solution helps to connect all of your industry’s processes and aid to improve the communication with strategic partners.
  5. Improves in decision-making process - In order to sustain and maintain the quality in garment industry in that situation businesses should improve their decision-making process to escape from producing inaccurate data. Business goes in loss sometimes caused by poor judgements and insufficient data.
  6. Forecasting - Garment ERP system is based on cloud technology that provides a huge potential to reduce risks that your company is facing, by using many tools gives an accurate analysis. Predict analytics can help your company to keep the data in one place.

Garment ERP software is a complete solution and automated that fulfills your business specific functionalists which helps to track each data and handle different sectors of a business-like activities, production, planning, shipment, accounting and much more. Garment ERP solution offers countless features that act as a support pillar of your business.
Let’s have a look at the features of garment ERP software -
  1. Administration Management.
  2. Commercial Management.
    1. Export.
    2. Import.
  3. HR & Payroll Management.
  4. Inventory Management.
  5. Merchandizing Management.
  6. MIS Reports Management.
  7. Accounts Management.
  8. Production Management.
    1. Embroidery Management.
    2. Dyeing Management.
    3. Sewing Management.
    4. Washing Management.
    5. Printing Management.
    6. Knitting Management.
    7. Finishing Management.

Garment ERP system has set a place in fashion industry. It really simplifies your business process and makes the dynamic and complex system easy. ERP software offers accurate data, real-time information, boosts productivity, increases sales, improved operations, product delivery, manufacturing, and accounting to reduce manual error and save time.
ERP solution works in many ways in the garment industry.
  1. Review the business process and implementation
  2. Investing time in proper training
  3. Focus on data quality & Migration
  4. Customize your ERP platform

Absolute ERP Software for Garment Manufacturing provides a complete and customizable solution to your business that fulfils your industry requirements. We have a dedicated expert's team who will help you out with the Garment ERP system.
The exact figure can’t be disclosed without knowing and understanding your business requirements. You can explore our website and book a demo to learn about the features and benefits. Why worry when Absolute is here to support your business.

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