Built for Adaptibility Now Introducing Absolute™ CRM

Quotation Management Software:

Absolute™ CRM creates the pipeline for all type of Enquiry which are potential for the prospect business and creation for revenue.

Easily Identifiable the Hot, Cold and Normal type of enquiry and can plan to priorities to follow the prospects client accordingly.

Having the Absolute ERP Software helps to manage Quotations.

Select & Apply Quotation Template :

You can create a new quotation template or select already created template, apply them directly from settings.

Quotation Creation :

You can create a new quotation directly or you can convert a lead into quotation and it is easily convertible by system into, Sales Order, proforma Invoice or Invoice.

Quotation Mailing :

You can send your quotation directly to the client with the help of absolute Manufacturing ERP software. You will get more options like Print, Print on letter head & PDF conversion.

Quotation Status :

You can view status of all your quotations, whether they are converted to sales order/invoice.

quotation flow

Benefits of Quotation Management Software

1. Creating Professional Quotation: You can create customized professional quotations through our quote management software for your customers and promote your brand with every possible document that leaves your system.

2. Reducing the Quotation Time: The best quotation management software system simplifies and automates the quotation tool which helps to reduce human errors and make the process faster.

3. Tracking Quotation Software to Close Deal faster: Automated reminder assists you in follow-up on the open quote so that you will get to know which is the next quotation for follow-up by using quoting software.

4. Automated Tax and Discount Computations: CRM quoting software offers this feature, it helps to reduce human errors by automating the calculation of tax and discount.

5. Checking Real-Time Inventory: Software for quotation management makes sure that you will quote on the available items with real-time integration and purchase management.

6. Automating Email Quotation Saves your Time: Absolute quotation management solutions automatically send email quotes to clients so that you can more concentrate on closing deals.

7. Customer Lifecycle Management: Being a manufacturer, you need to manage the entire customer lifecycle. Your journey from lead tracking to quotation to order to end-to-end customer support is made easy through CRM quotation management software.

8. Fully Customizable: You can customize with Absolute’s quotation management system software to capture data and information. You can make the process easy by implementing the quotation creation and approval method.

9. Data Privacy Management: You can restrict the quotes to maintain its privacy, you can give the permission who need to know in CRM quote management. According to the sales hierarchy, you can easily set up the access controls.

10. Dynamic Pricing: Quotation management Solution offers this dynamic pricing feature that lets you implement the dynamic price for different client segments, regions, and more

Manufacturing ERP Software Dashboard

A Glimpse of Quotation Management Software Features

Quotation management system help to organize your business and customer contacts as a digital rolodex. Quotation management also helps to boost sales as well as keeps an eye on customers, from nurturing leading to closing the sale and maintaining customer loyalty. Quotation management helps to save a lot of time and money through sales force automation.

Cloud Based Solution

Cloud Based Solution

Efficiently scalable, easily manageable, undeniably powerful


User Friendly Interface

User Friendly Interface

User-Friendly interface offers a perfect work environment


Ultimate Users

Unlimited Users

Unlimited users account gives access to any information

(T & C Apply)

Device Responsive

Device Responsive

Get the Absolute ERP access on any device


Unlimited Storage

Unlimited Storage

Expend your business with unlimited storage

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Multi Language

Multi Language

Let Absolute ERP speaks your business language


Multi Currency

Multi Currency

Get the best business deal with a multi-currency option


Detail MIS & Reports

Detail MIS & Reports

Informative MIS reports for presentations