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Attendance Management :

Absolute™ HR & Payroll Track your employees' time, attendance, absenteeism and holidays even when you are away from office. Attendance Punching-Intuitive web check-in and check-out with the accurate time.

To manage the Attendance Absolute ERP having.

Manage Employee :

You can add the employee with all the details & assign the shift to the employee.

Integration With Bio-metric Device :

We can integrate your system with bio-metric device, your employee can punch their attendance through bio-metric device & it will automatically updated in the software on real time basis.

Manual Punch :

You can punch your employees attendance manually from the Manufacturing ERP itself if you don’t want to integrate bio-metric machine.

Web-Login Punch :

Your employees can punch their attendance through web login,it will automatically capture the time.

attendance flow

Benefits of Attendance Management Software

  1. Reliable Accuracy: Earlier, a manual system was used to capture all the working hours of employees. Manual systems come with a lot of issues and errors. With the help of an automated CRM Attendance management, it removed such kinds of issues and is known for its reliability and accuracy.
  2. Improved productivity: Using the CRM Attendance management software for your employees, it can prove very difficult and challenging to calculate the salaries for each employee every month. The manual process comes with human errors which may cause trouble for the payroll team. Our Absolute ERP System provides the best Attendance management software so that you can drastically save time and focus on other business tasks to increase productivity.
  3. Reduce Cost: This Attendance management system software significantly reduces lateness and slowness and helps to save a lot of time and money that you would have otherwise lost through payroll errors and frauds.
  4. Legal Compliance: Manual data shows the error and inaccurate data and keeping the inaccurate data is also illegal and it can lead to penalties and fines. Using an Attendance management system makes sure the accuracy of your employees accepts the labor laws.
  5. Easy to Monitor Employee Working Hours: A company can easily monitor employee check-in and employee check-out time. With this mechanism, HR Software can be pretty much easy to check and monitor the employee’s work hours. With the help of proper management company can ensure their target is better and reach suitable progress as needed in terms of the work.
  6. Easy to Check Employee Location: Whenever employees check-in and check out their locations are also recorded with time. So that company can check their performance. It is really important to make sure that the employees are focused on work in their home or certain places as agreed during remotely working.
  7. Offer Easy Automation to Support HR Team: Online Attendance tracking software usually offers automation to the system. It helps to support effective and better work for the HR team to control and evaluate employees’ performance.
  8. Improved Security through Access Control: Attendance management solutions can be used for security reasons like it controls non-authorized employees to enter restricted sections of the premises. These machines have built-in access control features.
  9. Employee Capacity for Growth: If your business has only a few employees, with the help of attendance management software along with face detection can save and analysed a business that continues to expand, HR software will be able to add additional employees.
  10. Fast Identification: The biometric face attendance machine is measured by the time which helps to take the device to identify the person. CRM Attendance tracking performs in a split second and sends the information to a database for a reliable attendance management system.

A Glimpse of Attendance Management Software Features

Cloud Based Solution

Efficiently scalable, easily manageable, undeniably powerful


User Friendly Interface

User-Friendly interface offers a perfect work environment


Unlimited Users

Unlimited users account gives access to any information

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Device Responsive

Get the Absolute ERP access on any device


Unlimited Storage

Expend your business with unlimited storage

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Multi Language

Let Absolute ERP speaks your business language


Multi Currency

Get the best business deal with a multi-currency option


Detail MIS & Reports

Informative MIS reports for presentations