Chemicals Manufacturing ERP

Cloud-Based ERP Software for Chemical Industry

Chemical ERP software helps chemical manufacturers to reduce production cost, improve economic efficiency and promote scientific and standard management of chemical manufacturing Industry.

Chemical ERP software has been developed in such a way to help organizations to manage and control every facility. Absolute ERP software for chemical manufacturing industry is a well-developed and systematic application for various chemical segments such as pigments, dyes, pesticides, paints, pharmaceuticals, aroma, fragrances, cement, and many other different industries.

In the present technology-driven world, every chemical manufacturing unit is governed by ERP software. Absolute ERP Software helps in guiding the whole chemical industry to work efficiently.

A chemical manufacturing process for instance suffers from various drawbacks, a lack of a streamlined process and a huge amount of time spent on data manipulation are a few of them. This is exactly where we pitch in with our ERP Chemicals Production Software to make our customers’ lives simpler.

Let’s discuss why you would need our chemical ERP system. The chemical industry and its manufacturing unit can be a complex thing to maneuver smoothly. Our ERP software for chemical industry includes formulation and packaging management, costing, inventory, production, quality, planning, scheduling, traceability and recall, SDS compliance, and mobile warehousing. All these processes and much more to help your business get into a streamlined structure.

Manufacturing ERP

Industry-Specific Chemical Manufacturing ERP Software

Absolute ERP Software is designed with in-depth knowledge and proper understanding of the unique challenges of the chemical industry and caters to the business needs of Chemical manufacturing industries. Nowadays, chemical manufactures move to a chemical ERP system that comes with industry-specific modules and functionality to reduce the workload and helps them to manage the challenges in an effective way, digitize and automate the business process smoothly, and increase the supply chain efficiency.

Our ERP Software helps them with so many things which include quality control at multiple levels, new product development, production planning, and production scheduling, traceability and meeting myriad compliance needs etc.

  • An ERP software for chemical manufacturing industries helps to meet the administrative requirements.
  • Scale up the production process via auto calculation.
  • Real-time visibility and traceability to take the instant decision.
  • Increased profits and margins.
  • Better management of collaboration between teams and departments to increase the productivity.
  • Track data from every department via one unified dashboard.

Key Features of ERP for Chemical Industry

backed with ready-to-use software, easily integrable modules Customization of software has never been this easy before!

  • Multi-Level BOM
  • Production Schedule
  • Workstation/Machine Planning
  • Multiple Production Houses
  • Job-Work/Outsourced Management
  • Requisition & Approval System
  • Multiple Warehouse Management
  • Batched Inventory
  • Quick Stock/Inventory Balance
  • Quality Check/Control

Best Chemical Manufacturing ERP Modules & Functionality

Absolute ERP provides the best Chemical ERP software for manufacturers that can include a variety of modules and functionalities, which allow chemical manufacturing companies to scale and be more efficient. Key functionality for the best chemical manufacturing ERP software below:

Planning & Production

  • Material Requirement Planning
  • Master Production Scheduling
  • Production Process Definition
  • Machine/Mould/DEA Efficiency
  • Work Centre Management
  • Demand Management
  • Batch Manufacturing Practice

Production & Configuration

  • Bill Of Material
  • Engineering Change Request
  • Engineering Change Note
  • WIP Tracking
  • Job Work Management
  • Lot Manufacturing Practice
  • Tools and Equipment Tracking

Total Quality Management

  • Process Quality Check
  • Finish Goods Quality Check
  • Material Inward Quality Check
  • Document Management
  • Quality Compliance Management
  • Quality Characterization
  • Quality Assurance Management

Dashboard and Alerts

  • Department-wise Dashboard
  • Business Intelligence Tool
  • Document Management System
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Over 200 Reports
  • Multi-Dimensional Report

CRM & Order Processing

  • Lead Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Order Management
  • Pricing and Discount Matrix
  • Sales Forecast & Territory Management
  • Account Management
  • Campaigns and Event Management

Finance Management

  • Compliance with Sch VI & IFRS
  • Automatic TDS & Tax Calculation
  • Multi- Dimensional Reporting
  • BS/TB/P&L/Fund & Cash Flow
  • Payable/Receivable/JV/Contra/
  • Debit Note/Credit Note/Cost
  • Audit Trails and Other MIS

Purchase Management

  • Supplier Evaluation
  • Request for Quote
  • Quote Comparison
  • ProjectWise Purchase Management
  • Purchase Budget and Approval
  • Integrated with Planning Function
  • Supplier Order Management

Inventory Management

  • Inventory Planning
  • Warehouse Management
  • Bin Management
  • Material Inward/Outward
  • Physical Stock Verification
  • Multi UOM
  • Stock Costing and Valuation

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Benefits of ERP Software for Chemical Industry

How does adopting an Enterprise Resource Planning software platform can help the manufacturing unit of a chemical manufacturing industry be more efficient? We can consider the below-mentioned factors to view the possible benefits.

Formulation management

Formulation management plays a crucial role in the chemical manufacturing process. Tracking the number of raw materials available at their disposal and the quantity which would be required to meet the sales forecast is an important process. Our ERP software for chemical industry ensures that these vital processes do not require manual intervention. Thus, adjusting, returns and cancellation of products is much faster and easier.

Making Supply Chain More Efficient

ERP solution for chemical manufacturing industry makes the whole supply chain management much easier task. The raw materials are strategically managed, which decreases the overall costs and wastage, thereby increasing profits for the industry.

Stock Management

Overseeing the stocks is another challenge which a chemical industry faces, as there are multiple chemicals and products being used. ERP software for chemical industry helps as it utilizes data elements, such as traceability data, quality control data and expiration dates. The software is also fed with shipping and warehouse information which is required to manage stock requirements seamlessly. Automating the whole process through ERP makes it hassle free for the company.


ERP software not only helps in managing the whole manufacturing process seamlessly but also assists in product innovation. Our Manufacturing ERP software gathers data from every aspect of the production process, feeding it with research and development data makes anticipating future demands and product requirements much more effective.

Improved Collaborations

Manufacturing ERP tools is used by all the departments of an industry, thus different functionalities such as material procurement, catalogue production and development, invoicing, contract management and development and vendor monitoring and assessment is integrated better with the important collaborators. Achieving this level of proficiency allows the company to have better collaborations, and stronger relationships with its vendors, assisting in improved purchasing and lowering procurement costs.
The overview of the benefits our ERP software for chemical industry provides to companies might prove insightful in making the right decision of implementing it effectively in your business, thus helping you to make higher profits through better-managed processes.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Chemical ERP Software

Absolute ERP - ERP software for chemical manufacturers helps business requirements and manufacturing management wise like- monitoring, management of materials, supply chain, production, inventory management, effective planning of material and machines, and maintaining the minimum cost. We are living in a digital era, and technology helps to reduce the ever-lasting complexity of the chemical manufacturing process.

A list of unique challenges that manufacturers face in the chemical manufacturing process however they can face these challenges through manufacturing software-
  1. Change the Demand Patterns
  2. Transformation of Business portfolios
  3. Expand the product portfolios
  4. Compliance & Regulations
  5. Improved customer satisfaction

Chemical ERP software helps to integrate the processes and streamlines the entire business operations. Absolute ERP systems assist to manage the inventory, and production process and improve customer satisfaction.

Chemical ERP solution covers your entire production and helps you to run your business smoothly. Let’s have a look at the chemical ERP systems benefits.
  1. Inventory Management
  2. Formulation Management
  3. Improved Collaboration
  4. Product Innovation
  5. Improved efficiency in supply chain management
  6. Analysis & Tracking
  7. Ease the production complexities
  8. Safety & Quality control across products
  9. Remote Access
  10. Improved inter-department collaborations
  11. Electronics Record Management
  12. Compliance
  13. Optimize supply chain management and production
  14. Better Customer Satisfaction

Absolute ERP software gives an advanced up gradation to your business to automate the entire process, and technology manages the operation. Look at the key modules which play a vital role in the chemical industry.
  1. Formulation management to ensure safety
  2. Tracking the spillage
  3. Manage the product inventory
  4. Manage the product aging and expiry
  5. Traceability in the entire production process
  6. Manage the stock and measures units
  7. Cost estimation before R&D of a new product
  8. Proactive maintenance and calibration
  9. Manage the storage requirements
  10. Cost, revenues, liabilities analysis

Yes, cloud chemical ERP software is a SaaS-based program that you can access from anywhere and get real-time information and data. Cloud ERP software helps in the production process to build an efficient business structure.

Yes, we can customize ERP software for your chemical manufacturing industry. To customize we will understand your manufacturing industry requirements first then before installing any ERP software.

You can make a list of various ERPS vendors and schedule the demo. After completing the demo, you can compare each ERP’s vendor features and cost. You need to set the budget and analysis the business requirements. Later, you can finalize the affordable ERP solution for your chemical industry.

Absolute ERP provides an easy upgradation application of chemical ERP software; It is developed to make customizations as per your business needs and make extensions easier and simple without impacting the migration process.

No, Our ERP expert team are transparent and clear to their clients in terms of the cost of customization of ERP system. Hidden costs do not exist. Absolute ERP software offers a customizable dashboard and charges will be applicable as per the requirements of the industry and its size.


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