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Your experience and enthusiasm help us to make Absolute ERP a global brand, and technology to sell and build on.

Absolute Partner Program

We offer different types of opportunities to our partners. One can choose any partner program from the given options as per their requirements

Diamond Partners

Diamond partners will get a 40% Commission on License Sales & 20% of the Customization Amount

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Gold Partners

Gold partners will get a 30% Commission on License Sales & 10% of the Customization Amount

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Silver Partners

Silver partners will get a 20% Commission on License Sales & 5% of the Customization Amount

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Why choose our partner program?

Absolute ERP Partner Program mainly focuses on developing their businesses with advanced features and technologies. We’re excited to shake hands with new partners to reach new heights of growth and offer exclusive benefits.

Product of the year

Support from Principal

Value Proposition for partners

Unlimited Commercial benefits

Strong support and handholding

Well-Structured Training

Smart Features will boost your productivity

Customization is our strength no matter what’s your niche is: restaurant, retailer, small enterprises, rock band and many more!

Some Facts

You’ll get constant support and a wide set of tools to develop business processes and help to grow manufacturing projects. Some of our amazing facts that you might not have known.


Years In Business


Worldwide Clients


Users of Absolute ERP


Global Office

Value Proposition for Partners

We’ve designed intelligent ERP software that caters everything that you should know about Absolute ERP. How our application works have a look at the simple journey.

Faster Customer Acquisition

We provide the best ERP software that helps you to take control of your device data. Our robust ERP software helps to transform workflows.

Earn Same Revenue Year on Year

Your earnings will be calculated in the same year and get credited into your account.

Income with Fat Margins

Become our partner and earn fat margins to grow fast in your professional career.

Expand Your Own Network

You’ll get a chance to expand your own network on a global platform. Remember Your Network is your Networth!

Three Simple Steps to Make High a Profit

A simple journey helps you to reach a new level in your career.


Fill The Join US Form

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Learn & Promote

You will get all the marketing resources, our technical experts will give you online trainings.


Make Profit

Approach the client, let them know about ERP & convert your sale to make a high profit.

Pick the Right Partner Plan

The options are right in front of you. Whether you choose diamond, gold, and silver you’ll get benefits on every sale. Expand your network, build your trust with potential clients, and improve efficiency and collaboration within the team. We have rich experience in cloud-based ERP technologies.

You can subscribe to your plan as per your business requirements. We are offering monthly pricing based on how many functions you need to start your partnership program. You’ll get online training benefits and commission payout so you can choose your plan and let’s grow together!

Wide array of Industries

Making your business-operations more streamlined by Using Absolute ERP for Manufacturing Industries

  • Steel

  • Pharma

  • Garments

  • Plastic

  • Cable

  • Concrete

  • Leather

  • Footwear

  • Automobile

  • Electrical

  • Chemicals

  • FMCG

  • Mining

  • Printing

  • Rubber

  • Wood

Our Key Clients for Manufacturing ERP

Trusted by the Best in the Industry

  • Rebs
  • ad kumar
  • gardex
  • Virat
  • Tipco
  • Sant Rubbers
  • Safeshield
  • Planet Blue
  • Pioneer
  • MSP
  • Lanyachem
  • Giant
  • Genesis
  • Espresso
  • client
  • proteam
  • insopack
  • upbeat

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there is a commission on license sales for each category. If you’re a diamond partner, then the commission will be 40%, gold partners will get 30% and silver partners will get 20%.

Yes, we have fixed the customization amount for our partners. You can explore our partner's website and check the percentage of customization amount.

After joining the official partner program, partners will get 5 days of training, and additional cost is applied.

Yes, partners need to focus on setting targets to achieve goals.

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