How to Customize ERP Software to Fit Your Business Needs?

How to Customize ERP Software to Fit Your Business Needs?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is an essential element in running a smooth business and gaining a competitive advantage. Implementing ERP software into your business centralizes your business activities from production and sales to supply chain management. The modern ERP system enables various benefits to the business including higher productivity, data transparency, strategic decision-making, and better communication.

However, the pre-build software may not be able to fulfil your business needs as per market requirements due to limited technologies and innovations. Therefore, customized ERP helps you to accomplish your unique business needs. You can control your business operations through the best ERP software in India. No matter when you need to change its features and particularities, you have full control over it. It also increases the competitive edge to your business, however, first, you need to understand your business needs and requirements.

Let’s take a look into how to customize ERP to fulfil your business needs fulfilled. In this write-up, you will go through comprehensive steps to customize ERP software.

  • Identify your business needs:
    Every company has its own requirements and pre-build ERP may not be able to accomplish those needs. Thus to customize your ERP, understand and determine the business needs. What does your business need? What is business process flow? What precise functionalities are core to the business? How many departments are there in your business? These are some basic questions that you can ask yourself before customizing ERP. While identifying the core processes of your business, make sure to detect room for improvement. This analysis will help you to understand what your business needs and how it can meet final goals. After understanding your business needs, you are all set to tailor the ERP and grow your business to another level.
  • Determine areas of customization:
    As you are done with the identification of your business needs, now you need to determine the areas where you need to implement customized ERP such as reports, user interface, workflows, processes, and others. This will ensure that you are including everything necessary to streamline your business processes. For instance, if you just need to generate reports, want to implement it in the workflow, want to integrate core processes, or want to implement ERP in all the business analytics. You can just customize the software as per your requirements.
  • Gain market knowledge:
    Having market and industry knowledge is crucial before customizing an ERP system for your business. ERP may not be appropriate for all types of businesses due to various complexities. Therefore, before opting for and customizing ERP, make sure to gather useful information and knowledge about the industries you are working in. Moreover, every industry has its own requirements that help businesses to grow in the market. It means, your company may also have unique requirements and need different solutions. Whether you are working in manufacturing, transportation, automobile, textile, or any other, each business necessity will be different.
  • Take suggestions:
    ERP connects various people working in your business including employees, supervisors, managers, and others. Taking their suggestions before installing customizable ERP is essential to make this process successful. Their feedback and suggestions will help you to understand particular process needs and help to implement good customized ERP software into the business to accomplish success. Anyone who is connected with your business functionalities can provide good insight into areas of improvement.
  • QA and Testing:
    Once you are done with all the customization and implementation of the specific needs of the business, it is time to perform quality assurance and testing. Testing helps you to understand that all the customization and functions meet all the business needs you intended. During this process, the testers or QA engineers will try to find out bugs or issues that can affect your business performance and functionalities. It will help you to ensure that the ERP system you are intended to implement will work as required. After you are done with QA and testing, you are required to perform go live process in which all the data and processes will be tested with live information.
  • Maintenance:
    As you are done with testing, you are all ready to streamline your working and core processes. But, that does not mean, you are all done with ERP as maintenance is a major factor for smooth functioning. Therefore, make sure to monitor and maintain the software continuously. With changes in the market trends and standards, you may need to customize your ERP again. Therefore, continuous monitoring and inspection are essential for your business growth. The modern ERP application software is easy to upgrade and customize whenever you need it. Therefore, make sure to monitor and maintain the quality of ERP while implemented into your business.

Hopefully, you may have some insight into the critical steps required to customize ERP software. However, do you know what common customization you can make in your software? Well, we will briefly get to know about this.

  • Add custom field:
    Adding a custom field is very common and many companies adopt it while installing ERP. You can add unique data about your business records in this custom field which can be easily modified.
  • Add custom reports:
    You can also add custom reports specifically required in your business. The reports like balance sheets, sales reports, financial reports, trial balances, and income statements, are some common ones. However, if you have any unique report that is important for your business can be added.
  • Integration with other processes:
    Integration is a very common feature of ERP. However, if you have any unique requirement to connect your business processes with a specific system, you have the opportunity to do so.

Final Thoughts

By following the given steps, you will get customized ERP solutions for your unique business needs to achieve your ultimate goals. However, make sure to pick a reliable supplier that can fulfil your specific industry needs. For this, you can compare 4-5 suppliers and choose the best ERP software in India based on your business needs.

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