Top 10 Best Automotive ERP Systems

In this blog, you will find different and the Best Automotive ERP Systems In 2023 supporting the Automotive industry to step towards steady growth. Multiple brands of ERP software systems lead to chaos when deciding to buy the most efficient one. Thus, you may utilize your precious time to choose the right software.

The automotive industry includes a broader range of organizations involved in the complex objective of designing, developing, marketing, manufacturing, and selling motor vehicles. Automotive companies usually have to use several complex pieces of equipment to manage the production of motors. Innovations in the automotive industry allow the manufacturers to implement their innovative ideas in terms of desisting and producing automobiles at cost-effective strategies and within less time. The deployment of state-of-art technologies proves helpful in adding value to the customers' demand.

What is the Automotive ERP System?

ERP software and system for the automotive industry helps automotive manufacturers leverage unique functionalities to manage the entire automobile manufacturing process. Another imperative aspect is that the cloud-based ERP software can efficiently respond to disruptions and other upcoming challenges to keep pace with the competitive market. It enhances manufacturing efficiency and manages supply chain operations and inventories at reduced costs and with greater flexibility.

Here is the List of Top Automotive ERP Systems:

Absolute ERP

It is the cloud-based ERP software for the automotive manufacturing industry that provides a system to help you plan production for a streamlined workflow. Absolute ERP enables automotive manufacturers to effectively control the quality of products to help them maintain quality standards. Apart from these, it also provides an inventory management solution for real-time traceability of available resources.

Key Benefits:

  • Enable automotive manufacturers to get end-to-end visibility across their business operations.
  • Help manage financial operations to provide users with accurate reports on overall business expenses.
  • Allow organizations to keep a thorough check on the customer order status and purchasing information.
  • Assist in improving sales strategies by providing an organized sales report.


It is the advanced ERP software helping automotive manufacturing companies to effectively handle each step of automobile manufacturing from design to production and distribution.

Key Benefits:

  • Help manage inventory for increased manufacturing efficiency.
  • Provide support for error-free financial reporting.
  • Includes customizable features that make it best suited for the automotive industry.
  • provides comprehensive manufacturing modules that help you meet your unique automobile manufacturing business needs.
  • help minimize downtime and supports production planning.
  • It offers complete support for managing end-to-end product life cycles.

Epicore Kinetic

You may find it one of the most effective ERP software solutions that provide industry-specific features for managing manufacturing and distribution processes. It efficiently integrates with your business system and helps you streamline your operational activities for enhanced efficiencies.

Key Benefits:

  • Enable manufacturers to plan for accelerated production rates at reduced costs.
  • Help you get comprehensive reports on manufacturing processes and other business activities in a single location.
  • Boost team collaboration.
  • Offer end-to-end visibility across business processes.

Plex cloud ERP

In the automotive industry, cloud-based ERP Plex plays a significant role in managing the production, finance, and sales processes. The software streamlines the whole business process and provides real-time reports of your automotive business operations.

Key Benefits:

  • Help eliminate human errors by creating the orders automatically.
  • Provide auto-generated shipping notifications.
  • Supports process automation to reduce operational costs.
  • Enable you to track the real-time status of inventories.
  • Include a user-friendly interface for ease of new users.


The cloud-based QAD ERP software helps the automotive manufacturing industry to streamline its manufacturing processes to create quality products. Such an aspect is imperative for ensuring customer satisfaction and taking your business to the next level of success.

Key Benefits:

  • Efficiently support the OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) to manage the supply chain operations and meet regulatory compliance.
  • It offers greater flexibility and enables manufacturers to meet specific business needs.
  • Come with customizable features to support every process of the automotive manufacturing industry.
  • Unifies the business processes for creating the centralized database.


It is another advanced ERP software solution supporting the automotive manufacturing industry. Syspro includes specialized features that enable manufacturers to automate and streamline critical business functions. The software effectively provides the comprehensive platform required to cope with the need for adaptation.

Key Benefits:

  • Offer deeper insights into the manufacturing business operations from planning and scheduling to purchasing.
  • Help forecast sales and manage a business budget.
  • Allow you to handle the inventories and warehouse operations.
  • Improve customer experiences with quality production.
  • Enable to gain overall operational efficiency.

Sap business one

Sap business one includes the cloud modules offering the complete business management solution in the Automotive industry. It enables the automakers, and suppliers to manage their business for quick growth. The ERP software for the automotive industry helps manufacturers centralize their business data to optimize operational tasks at a similar level.

Key Benefits:

  • Provide data related to vehicles, customer feedback, and market evaluations.
  • Help automotive companies get a 360-degree view of operational processes and customers' feedback.
  • Improve the billing and buying experience.
  • Provide a single source of truth by integrating all business processes.

Fishbowl inventory

It is one of the best ERP software solutions contributing to streamlining each manufacturing function. Fishbowl inventories help track various aspects including bills of materials (BOM), sub-assemblies, and serial numbers. Further. it allows you to manage the production costs to make your inventories cost-effective.

Key Benefits:

  • Help create the bills of materials for all automotive manufacturing industry stuff.
  • Allow automobile manufacturers to organize subassemblies.
  • It includes features capable of integrating with another business system to provide unique functionalities.


The cloud-based ERP offers a wide range of the latest features enabling automotive suppliers to manage their manufacturing processes effectively. Abas ERP allows the automotive industry to create a collaborative business environment by integrating all critical business data in a single place. Therefore, it enables manufacturing organizations to work with transparency and end-to-end visibility into their business operations.

Key Benefits:

  • Offer multiple functions to allow automotive companies to streamline their business operations.
  • Manage the supply chain operations to ensure consistency in the sales process.
  • Help manage the accounting operation with ease and accuracy.
  • Support in scheduling the production processes.

Infor CloudSuite

The cloud-based ERP software for the automotive industry allows the organization to streamline end-to-end processes to deliver the best products to improve customer experience. Infor uses artificial intelligence to bring and manage business data efficiently. Further, it helps enhance operational efficiencies and enables organizations to understand real-time business needs for rapid growth and success.

Key Benefits:

  • Provide the appropriate and ai driven insights into your business.
  • Help improve operational efficiency to trigger faster growth.
  • Enable to track regulatory compliance and quality control.
  • Provide a comprehensive dashboard and automates the business processes.


The automotive industry is a significant part of the manufacturing world. Thus, it is imperative to work with leading ERP software for automotive manufacturing to ensure higher productivity and improved customer experience. You may choose the right ERP software to streamline your automotive manufacturing businesses at a cost-effective price.



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