Top 10 Best Cloud-based ERP System

Top 10 Best ERP System

Summary- As per data the cloud based ERP systems are expected to hit a billion-dollar market by 2025. Cloud-based ERP software is booming, and it is merely impossible to heading towards production without an ERP for manufacturing industries in the current era. It is no surprise that manufacturing ERP software helps businesses to run smoothly. However, Absolute ERP cloud-based methods are more flexible and provide greater accessibility. You can access your business data from any device and from anywhere.

In this guide, we’ll list the top 10 best cloud based ERP systems which are popular in the market that will help you to shortlist the right vendor for your manufacturing business.

Table of Content-

1. Absolute ERP

Absolute ERP is also another popular brand in the market that continuously fulfills all the business requirements and helps clients to touch the skies. The best part about Absolute ERP is most affordable and customization is the biggest strength. Absolute ERP provides best cloud-based ERP software that helps to streamline your business operations and increases efficiency.

Without a powerful ERP solution to reach everywhere is next to impossible. You can choose ERP wisely for your manufacturing business and Absolute ERP solution can provide the best cloud-based technology to fulfill your business goals in 2024.

2. NetSuite

NetSuite is another famous name in the ERP industry across the globe. They’re providing SaaS (Software as a service) based products that consist of a bunch of ERP applications which help businesses to run their functions swiftly. You’ll get full control over your business data and visibility through a unified platform.

NetSuite offers a cloud-based infrastructure that can be accessed from any device anywhere, you just need a stable internet connection. You can streamline and automate manual tasks and access real-time data such as financial statements and inventory reports.

3. Microsoft Dynamics 365

It is another famous popular brand that caters to small to midsize businesses segments. You can run your business on clouds and on-premises as well. They offer great automation which streamlines your business processes and enables many organizations to manage their finances, manufacturing, sales, production planning, project management and so on.

This solution offers easy functions and customization that helps your business to touch the skies. Also, with a vast and strong ecosystem, you can easily maintain and afford cloud-based ERP solutions.


SAP ERP helps you to run your core business in a unified portal. SAP ERP is designed for small to mid-size enterprises, also it is a first choice of users across the globe. This software is popular to focus on automating key functions such as operations, human resources, finances, accounts, payroll etc. SAP ERP is flexible and can scale the growing requirements and can be accessed from anywhere.

SAP ERP has unique features and fully integrated functions that allow your company to turn into a smart enterprise. SAP can be considered for numerous problems.

5. Acumatica

It is a cloud-based ERP solution that offers a complete package that manages your business processes efficiently. It also offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that effectively facilitates multi-entity such as project accounting, financial management, payroll, HR, CRM, and many more. Cloud-based implementation is flexible as the software can either be hosted on-premises or on cloud, you can opt for anyone.

Acumatica provides a scalable platform that can be tailored to meet your business requirements. It offers modern manufacturing ERP solutions that streamline workflows through automation.


SYSPRO provides cloud-based technology that lends you greater visibility of your financials, operations, supply chain, inventory, accounts, finance and other business operations. This software offers customization in many manufacturing industries such as food and beverage, machinery and equipment, automotive and many more.

The cloud-based ERP system manages data in real-time and allows you to make better and more informed decisions. You can expand your new business and drive new innovations or simply run your daily operations with increased efficiency.

7. Odoo

Odoo is one of the most searchable and famous global open-source platforms for ERP software. Instead of implementing a dozen apps for your day-to-day business it could be only one. And everything can be done on the cloud to fulfill your requirements. The user interface is elegant and very easy to use to manage your business operations.

On the other hand, it offers great quality support to manage several processes based on users’ experience worldwide. Odoo delivers the cost and time efficiency and increases the growth rate.

8. Epicor ERP

Epicor ERP is constructed with modern technologies for manufacturing and distribution. It allows organizations to handle their processes in a single and unified portal, like-inventory, HR, customer relationship, production, supply chain. This software caters medium to large manufacturing industries, including automotive, consumer goods, construction, and retail.

Manufacturing ERP system helps to streamline production processes so that you can focus on market strategy, talent management, and customer relationships. Epicor allows you to plan out logistics, reduce wastage, improve productivity and supervise the floor production with transparency and greater visibility.

9. Rootstock

Rootstock is another famous manufacturing ERP system that offers a single solution for manufacturers, distributors, and supply chain companies. It consists of financial management abilities with multi-currency, multi-company and manage reporting capabilities. Rootstock offers multi-mode functions like inventory management, e-commerce connectivity, change control, supply chain, customer relationship and many more.

10. Sage

Sage cloud-based ERP is widely used in most accounting and enterprise software companies. Sage is a well-established software company, and it has been providing services since 1981. It offers great solutions for accounting, payrolls and payment gateways in ecommerce. Sage is popular because of their strong financial analytics tool and their mobile-based technology allows you to take decisions at the right time effectively.

Closing Statement

You’ll find many of ERP software's options in the market apart from the ones mentioned above. Moreover, you’ll find similar functionalities with advanced features and customization that matters for business growth. Main matter is to check the strong partner ecosystem and the ERP compatibility to your business demands.



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