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The first plant at Dadri, UP, is fully automated, energy efficient and has a low carbon footprint. It is the largest production facility in North India to give a wide range of Green Products to support the infrastructure growth of the Region. The production of Fly Ash Bricks, Blocks, Hollow Blocks, Insulated Blocks, Pavers, and Curbstones along with our primary production of Cement and TMT bars from group companies allows us to provide efficient Construction Supply Solutions for large infrastructure projects. Our high production capacity and assured Quality give KJS products a distinct advantage.

Increased Time

Reduced the Labor

Automated the Production Planning

KJS Concrete faces significant challenges

They’ve got the largest production in north India of pavers, hollow blocks, insulated blocks, Fly Ash Bricks, and curbstones. Before implementing the Absolute ERP, their production process was done manually, which increases their labor cost, time, energy, and money. Their main pain area was production planning. It was not fully automatic. We hope the pointers below help you understand in a better way.

A Brief of Problems

1. The problem area is Production Planning

They’re in the market for over a decade, but things were not planned systematically earlier. Changing the entire system is the ultimate solution for them. Due to the manual process of production planning, every paver size comes out in a different unit size.

2. Orders come in a number of Pavers (Bricks)

Generally, they get orders from clients in numbers along with a specific width, length, and height. For example- Someone gives an order of 1,00,000 units of hollow blocks and 50,000 units of pavers.

3. Planning is in cubic meters

After getting the orders from the client, production planning starts through a manual process, and it is done in cubic meters. In every stage of production, the unit size changes and comes out in a unique size.

4. Production is done also cubic meters

Once production of a specific order is done, it is processed in a cubic meter. Till here, the production process is the same. However, everything is processed manually.

5. Once production is done, it comes out in a different number of pallets

This step includes molds which help to produce several pallets that make a unit of blocks such as 9 bricks to make 1 pallet. Their machinery is all set to ready the mixture of raw materials with accurate measurement. Once pallets are ready, they get automatically picked up from one location to send to another location for packing and it is processed to store in a warehouse.

6. Conversion in number of Pavers (Bricks)

This step is again a lengthy process and needs to convert the pallets into pavers with accurate unit sizes. However, it is the critical challenging part and pavers should be dispatched with their accurate size. Unfortunately, it was dispatched to the client in a unique size and did not meet the client's required sizes.

Note- This is the entire process of making pavers, hollow blocks, fly ash bricks, and curbstones. However, during the production pavers come out in a different unit size, finished goods will be in a different unit size, and dispatched to the client in a different size. They were still struggling in this process before meeting Absolute ERP.

We have automated their entire production process, which helps to increase in time-efficiency.

The Ultimate Solution provided by Absolute ERP

We addressed this issue by providing them with a simplified solution in which all their units are automatically calculated at every stage of the production process. The manual calculating process is overcome due to the ERP Solution.

Now the entire process is auto calculated with formulas and the production process gets easy. This helps them to reduce their labor cost, money and save time and energy.



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