Steel Manufacturing ERP

10 Key Module For Steel Industry

Absolute ERP software offers material management, planning & production, finance and accounting, sales & distribution, payroll, plant maintenance module, and customer relationship management (CRM). Our procurement solution helps to automate and streamlines the procurement process in the steel manufacturing industry.

Key Modules of Absolute ERP for Steel Industry

Absolute ERP software for the steel industry has designed modules and configured them as per the unique requirements of the steel industry. Absolute ERP key modules help to integrate and streamline crucial business processes such as procurement, supply chain management, inventory management, asset management, logistics, and control production cost to increase profitability.

1. Order Management Modules

Our Steel ERP module has been designed specifically for order management modules to suit the practices followed in the steel industry. The order management module has also allowed defining of other material attributes such as gauge, and thickness and helps to automate determine invoice price as per the base price mentioned in orders.
The order management module is capable enough of handling the daily price fluctuation and price structure in the steel industry. It is also equipped to handle the several terms and conditions of payments related to freight, bank guarantee, letter of credits, etc.

2. Procurement & Sales Management Module

In the steel industry, the complete production is dependent on the material. The raw material is needed for processing and ultimately production and manufacturing. The procurement and sales management module helps to keep an eye on all the raw materials, and sales orders of the manufactured goods. The module also keeps a record of all the orders and shipments which will be ready to ship.

3. Finance & Accounts Management Module

Finance and accounts management are one of the foremost modules in ERP software. This module performs different tasks included with all the finances and account details to provide the management team with a clear picture of the budget of the industry. To flow better communication all, the information will be transferred to other different departments.

4. Human Resource Management Module

HRM module helps to keep a record of all the employees and their salary packages. It also helps to induct the skills of the staff so that when the time comes, the employee with proper skills is allocated for better results. HRM module is important in every field that helps to assign specific tasks, the module suggests the number of staff that will need for a specific operation.

5. Quality Control Management Module

The quality control management module helps to control and monitor the overall quality of the manufactured products. The quality control management module in ERP software is the strength, durability, control, and monitored. This module checks the standard of products as per the market standard.

6. Material Requirement Planning Module

The steel industry is material-based. Steel industries should avoid out-of-stock situations and overstock in all possible ways. Inventory control and material requirement planning are crucial in the steel industry. Absolute ERP supports demand planning, based on the manual forecast, past consumption data, material requirements, as well as fixed-level inventories. We also offer different types of material classification like- analytical reports to plan and execute material requirement planning. Our Absolute Manufacturing ERP ensures material requirement planning that helps to adequate inventory level so that materials will be available at the right time whenever they need it.

7. Costing & Cost Controls

Absolute ERP software helps to control mechanisms like- budget at cost center, item level, and cost control. It has provided cost controls at transaction levels such as purchase orders, service orders, material issues, etc. It also gives timely reports and alerts whenever need it.
Absolute ERP module helps to offer different costing-related reports like material landed cost, service cost, maintenance cost, etc. These reports enable you to analyze and focus on areas to improve cost efficiency.

8. Asset Management & Maintenance Modules

Competition is increasing day by day, it is difficult for steel industries to make sure to run a smooth functioning plant, and optimize plant efficiency costs. Steel plants are always needed to be maintained regularly.

The absolute ERP software plant maintenance module is enough capable of handling.

Asset Management- This module maintains a record of plant equipment, their locations, equipment-wise spares, contracts, and warranty details.

Plant Maintenance Management- It helps to set conditions for trigger maintenance. It assists to keep a record and carry out activities of preventive and breakdown maintenance.

Inspection- It offers a daily log for maintenance and inspection entry.

9. Customer Relationship Management Module

The customer relationship management module helps to maintain a healthy relationship with the customer. CRM module helps to keep a record of every conversation and transaction that is done with the customer, which helps to contribute to strengthening the relationship with customers. CRM module helps the leader in further advertising, marketing, and other decisions.
These modules are important in the steel industry. Other additional modules can be implemented in ERP software. These additional modules help to make ERP software extra flexible without losing the core working flow of the software.

10. Logistic Management

The steel industry always required a robust logistic operation for the movement of final goods, raw materials, etc. We offer logistics-related features and benefits to manage bulk transportation, freight order, and freight invoicing. Absolute ERP software keeps a record of all transactions along with transportation via rail and by road. It also helps to keep an eye on accounting and compliances that are needed in logistics.

Wrap Up

Steel industry plays a vital role and needs rigorous work. Steel industry is a process-oriented industry which requires constant attention in order to keep monitoring on proper function of the industry. Above mentioned elements are called as ERP software modules. These modules help to achieve the business targets and take the business in new heights. These modules help to handle resources and these are inter-linked with all departments and divisions in industry in order to exchange the statics and information.



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