Top 10 CRM Software

Choosing the right piece of CRM (customer relationship management) software is not a piece of cake for budding entrepreneurs. Thus, we have created this blog post to assist you in finding the best CRM software for your small business that would help you automate your sales processes and improve customer retention for increased revenues.

Vital Role of CRM Software for Small Business

The increased implementation of cloud-based CRM software has enabled even small businesses to easily unify their customers and prospect data at a single location. It is highly helpful for those who seek affordable CRM software systems with minimal upfront costs.

This is why most budding businesses wish to choose the right piece of CRM (customer relationship management) software that may help them identify the right buyers and their critical insights for the delivery of personalized services.

Here you can find Top 10 Best CRM Software Solutions to automate your small business operations:

1. Absolute CRM

It allows organizations to automate sales processes step-by-step to help generate effective outcomes. Absolute CRM equipped with cloud technology is the most efficient solution to let users organize and manage all their contacts in one centralized place. Furthermore, the software integrates with existing applications of your enterprise to provide your sales team with wider visibility of all your customers’ and prospects’ data to respond to them immediately.

Key Benefits:

  • Assist to monitor and manage all contact information flawlessly.
  • Automate the sales reports to create an effective sales strategy.
  • Ensure collaborative work culture for improved customer retention.
  • Encourage repeat business by centralizing customer information at one location.

2. HubSpot CRM

It exists as the most efficient CRM software based on cloud technology. It offers multiple integration capabilities to make your customer data highly organized and secure. The software also serves as a versatile system that helps you monitor your sales pipeline on a single dashboard.

Key Benefits:

  • Organize the customer and prospect data.
  • Automates the creation of sales reports.
  • Generate sales reports based on predictive analysis.
  • Help scale up your business process via multiple integrations.

3. Salesforce

It is another well-known customer relationship management software that can easily be customized to meet the unique requirement of businesses. The software uses cloud technology and AI features to help users track every customer interaction. Such software solutions effectively work for small businesses by integrating with existing business data.

Key Benefits:

  • Allow ultimate accessibility to customers’ and prospects' data.
  • Help you track real-time analytics with a customization feature.
  • Assist in understanding the customer’s interest and perception of personalized services.
  • Enable you to integrate email, social, phone, and chat to create a central source for its visualization.

4. Zoho CRM

It assists in automating the lead nurturing process and real-time analytics. Zoho CRM works to help small businesses come up with result-oriented decisions for faster growth. The software also allows users to get vital information related to every stage of customer experience. It comes with a marketing automation feature which is crucial to reach out to a quality audience.

Key Benefits:

  • Help you to analyze the sales process and automate it for better results.
  • Enable you to manage current and past deals efficiently with its deal management feature.
  • Automate the lead assessment process to help you approach quality leads.

5. Freshsales Suite

It helps budding businesses manage data customer experience data at one location. Freshsales Suite uses innovative and powerful tools such as AI-based lead scoring, customer segmentations, built-in-mail tracker needed for making the overall management of customers’ data organized and categorized.

Key Benefits:

  • Help your sales team to adapt to the real-time needs of your business.
  • Assist in elevating the team's efficiency and productivity with automation.
  • Allow you to communicate with customers with multi-channel integration.
  • Automate your marketing efforts for end-to-end personalization.

6. Agile CRM

You may find it a one-stop solution for automating the workflow across your sales and marketing operations. It comes with user-friendly and mobile-friendly features that allow users to easily integrate it with various customer management processes. Agile CRM is equipped with multiple valuable features like appointment scheduling, email tracking, and marketing automation.

Key Benefits:

  • Provide the built-in contact manager to help manage customer contact on a single page.
  • Offers the feature of automatic email sync with Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, or any other IMAP service provider.
  • The contact timeline management features enable users to get a complete view of the entire contact activity.

7. Pipedrive

It allows for customizable features making you capable of managing all your specific needs of the business. The cloud-based CRM software Pipedrive helps users to track the progress of their conversion metrics.

Key Benefits:

  • Help eliminate the workload with task automation features and API and AI-powered sales assistants.
  • Enable users to integrate it with lead generation processes to make it more efficient.
  • Allow you to centralize the communications efforts for quick connection with quality leads.

8. Jotform Tables

It is another cloud-based CRM software offering valuable solutions for tracking and managing customer data effortlessly. Jotform Tables CRM makes sure about effective collaboration across the sales and marketing teams. It also helps organizations to automate the workflow sales processes making them more efficient.

Key Benefits:

  • Help you keep your sales team on one page with its customized access setting option.
  • Allow you to collect data easily through custom online forms.
  • Assist users to organize all customers and prospect data with ready-to-use column types.

9. Insightly

It allows users to manage and store customer data in one central location. Being a cloud-based CRM software Insightly provides customers with customizable features to make your business efforts more effective and convincing.

Key Benefits:

  • Allow you to integrate your business processes for effective team collaboration.
  • Enable you to streamline the sales processes for increased business revenue.
  • Help you accelerate your growth with more personalization.

10. Zapier

It efficiently integrates with various applications such as Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, Jotform, Microsoft Excel, and Google Drive to automate the workflow within an organization. the cloud-based CRM software “Zapier” allows users to save time by automating the delivery of personal messages to potential customers and new leads.

Key Benefits:

  • Automate your sales outreach by integrating it with your business applications.
  • Enable to automate the workflow to help you focus on another productive side of your business.
  • Create a centralized database to allow you easily edit and access those from anywhere via the internet.


While going ahead to choose the right fit CRM software based on cloud technology, you need to think about your business needs. Since it is available at a cost-effective budget so you can make thorough research on different CRM software varying in design and functionalities.



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