7 Must-Have Features in ERP Software for the Apparel Industry

7 Must-Have Features in ERP Software for the Apparel Industry

In this trendy world, customers’ preferences continuously change day by day, and keeping up with their requirements is becoming difficult for garment manufacturing companies. Hence, the delivery timing increases and results in unsatisfied customers. This affects the business's goodwill and profitability in the market. To overcome these difficulties, many companies are adopting the latest technologies, and ERP software is one of them. The ERP system for the garment business helps manufacturers to tackle potential risks and complexities. It helps to integrate the core operations to eliminate ineffective collaboration issues. Garment ERP allows to improve efficiency and enhance the overall productivity and performance of the business.

However, to experience the vital advantages of software, you must pick and implement a modern and reliable ERP. In order to choose the best software, you requisite be aware of the top must-have features

This blog will assist you in compiling 7 must-have features in ERP for your garment manufacturing business.

Let’s dig into the list of features required to stand alone in this competitive landscape.

  1. Enhanced Visibility: Customers are key elements of any business whether manufacturing, retailing, or any other business. When there is a delay in delivery timings, their satisfaction rates get reduced and leading to a decreased market share and growth. ERP solutions provide an opportunity to improve customer satisfaction by reducing delivery timings. This is all possible because ERP helps to improve business efficiency with an integrated single platform. It allows to sharing and access the different departmental information in a unified database. This helps to decrease the delivery timings and each department has a track of customer orders.
  2. Planning and Forecasting: Without proper planning, producing finished products is challenging. But, planning cannot be possible without accurate forecasting. However, it is difficult to achieve in the fashion industry as trends shift quickly. The forecasting done based on no historical information may waste your resources. Thus, accurate forecasting and planning are essential for the business. ERP systems offer planning and forecasting tools that integrate historic sales data and sales forecasting. It helps to optimize your purchasing decisions and prevent overstocking or understocking. You can even identify various sales trends based on styles, sizes, colors, and features.
  3. Material Requirement Planning: Without any doubt, material requirement planning (MRP) is a crucial element of manufacturing companies. Planning accurate material for production is necessary to tackle unforeseen customer demands. ERP software has an MRP tool that helps to take full control over your fabric. It assists you in purchasing a required amount of inventory when it reaches to re-order level. MRP supervises the entire production process from product conception to procurement of raw fabric. With garment ERP, you can get clear visibility of the information of the whole manufacturing process. This tool helps you in better resource planning and allocation.
  4. Inventory Management: Manufacturing companies are bound to maintain optimal inventory levels to meet customers' demands on time. More importantly, the apparel industry is unique from other production entities as products are manufactured in a variety based on color, texture, style, features, and other characteristics. It becomes essential to stay ahead of the demand curve. Thus, having an inventory tool to track, manage, and control your stock is very essential. ERP software allows you to manage your inventory seamlessly. With customizable ERP, you can get modified dashboards and reporting to manage products based on their features. You can get real-time insight into stock information for the right inventory counting.
  5. Easy Analytics: Garment businesses generate a variety of data which is difficult to handle manually or you will get ineffective rendering of information. Thus, ERP with easy analytics helps to resolve this issue. You can get analytical data with ERP implementation as it provides real-time data on a single platform. It is beneficial to gain reliable information to make data-driven decisions for the managers. Additionally, you can effortlessly deal with unforeseen events throughout the fashion industry.
  6. Customer Relationship Management: The customer is a significant part of your business as the business profitability depends on their satisfaction rate. Thus, increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction is important to build strong relationships with them. ERP offers you a customer relationship tool to secure your good relations with customers. The CRM feature manage customer data such as contacts, purchase order, & history, and keep it secure from any silos. Security is an essential factor of ERP that allows only authorized people to access the data. The centralized database helps to provide the right information at the time to decrease the delivery time and increase customer satisfaction.
  7. Quality Control: Last but the foremost crucial feature that your garment ERP should have is quality control. ERP ensures the identification and mitigation of production challenges and enhances the quality of finished products. It helps to match the defined quality standards to meet the compliance requirements. The quality control feature helps you to get control over all the production stages to enhance visibility and improve decision-making power.


The garment manufacturing industry is very vast and complex to understand. You cannot define or determine its core pain areas. Thus, adopting effective technologies like ERP software provides the power to grow in the industry tackling all the potential challenges.

The features provided in this blog will help you to confront the difficulties and boost your business growth with the enhanced competitive market. Make sure to choose the best ERP in India to earn profitability.

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