ERP Software for Process Manufacturing

Summary- ERP software for process manufacturing is a type of digital software which is designed with powerful and useful features for the day-to-day running of your manufacturing industry. You can manage back-office admin, automate operational processes, financial management, visualizing and analyzing business data. As we’ll know, most ERP software solutions will have a common set of features.

However, process manufacturing ERP software has additional benefits and meets the critical challenges that are specific to the process manufacturing industry. Digital ERP tools support batch manufacturing, regulatory compliance, and quality control. When you’re able to utilize industry-specific functionality, you’re able to maximize the profits and ROI from your Absolute ERP solution and ensure it continues to show exceptional growth as your company and wider industry evolve. Let’s get a deep dive to understand more about process manufacturing ERP software.

Table of Content-

1. Who Can Use Process Manufacturing ERP Software

Process manufacturing ERP software is the most suitable for those who are creating products using a combination of ingredients or raw materials that can’t go back into the original form once they’re combined. Manufacturers need to use bills of material for using recipes or formulas to create different customer orders, where components can be added, changed or removed easily.

Process Manufacturing ERP Software is most popular in manufacturing industries with high volume batch manufacturing requirements, such as:

Process manufacturing ERP software supports these industries to fulfill industry-specific challenges with accurate measurement of ingredients, production process under the safe and hygienic process, managed distribution, and batch traceability.

2. Process manufacturing ERP solves the industry challenges

Process manufacturing industries are highly precise and tightly regulated and there’s no space that a lot can go wrong, if it happens then the entire lot will be discarded. Here are why many companies turn to ERP software to manage everyday challenges and issues. Few challenges are common that you can simply manage through process manufacturing ERP software.

  • Batch Consistency: Absolute ERP will standardize recipe/formula management, control production processes and manage distribution to ensure a consistent and maximize output. Batch manufacturing processes involve complex recipes, or formulas where ingredients can vary in quality and grade.
  • Ingredient Shortage: Process manufacturing ERP software gives you real-time data and you can accurate product scheduling and forecasting so that you’ll have a clear picture of inventory availability. Absolute ERP system helps you to accurately coordinate/order ingredients based on actual customer demand, and also manage supplier requirements.
  • Regulatory Changes: Specialized Absolute ERP solution can quickly roll out new instructions and documentation to personnel, also you can put additional compliance checks in place to make sure you’re following the right sector.

3. Features of process manufacturing ERP

Before selecting any ERP solution for your industry, you need to research which software offers you the most comprehensive functionality. However, some of the key features are include, have a look:

  • Recipe/Formulation Management
    Batch manufacturing operations need to accurately calculate recipes and scale measurements and update/revise ingredients quantities in line with customer needs, including recipes or formulas. This can be especially valuable for a few sectors in which trends impact product composition like the cosmetics manufacturing industry.
  • Lot Traceability
    From end-to-end tracking raw materials is critical, however, it is important for quality control purposes. It’s especially important if you’re working with such ingredients that have a short shelf-life. Absolute ERP software solution helps manufacturers to manage expiration dates to limit wasted resources. Ingredient traceability can be for chemicals manufacturing industry.
  • Inventory Management
    Every type of manufacturing industry involves raw materials; however, process manufacturing can be particularly challenging to manage with ingredients in a non-solid state (e.g., liquids, gases and powders). A customized process manufacturing ERP software allows you to track where and how these ingredients need to be stored. This system can also help you synchronize inventory with your production schedule to prevent shortages and reduce overages.
  • Regulatory Compliance
    Process manufacturing ERP software allows you to capture and document important information to achieve industry compliance. The best ERP solution can also add value for batch manufacturers in various sectors where regulations vary from region to region.

Final Thoughts

Every industry needs a customizable ERP software, and a process manufacturing ERP solution quarantine batch, drums up specific decimals and regulates your calculations may be what your industry needs at most.

However, a discrete ERP solution helps to maintain all your machinery, clarifies product tracking, and simplifies your processes and drafts product plans that could lend as per your imagination. Whatever you have decided, you just need to be sure that your ERP system must meet the specific criteria of your manufacturer and enhance your productivity. To meet your industry-specific requirements, you can also select Absolute ERP for your SMB business.



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