Best ERP Software for Apparel Manufacturing Business

Summary- Find out the right ERP software for your Apparel Manufacturing Business. The Apparel Manufacturing business is one of the leading industries across the globe. Apparel ERP software is widely and incredibly versatile, and because of strong competition, you need a highly competitive ERP solution for your apparel category. Absolute ERP offers a conventional manufacturing system that helps you to keep track of all the merchandising and shop floor operations such as material planning, production planning, inventory management, quality control, costing, etc.

In a digital era to connect with environment apparel ERP software is the efficient solution to streamline business operations, reduce manual work, increase visibility, transparency, and ensure timely execution of operations. You can find dozens of options available for your apparel business, however, choosing the best one can be tricky. In this guide, we’ll discover the top 10 ERP solutions for the apparel manufacturing industry.

Here we define the Top 10 Best ERP Software for your Apparel Manufacturing Business :

Table of Content-

1. Absolute ERP

Absolute ERP

Absolute ERP has been a popular name since 2009 and offers customized manufacturing ERP software solutions for your apparel business. We understand apparel manufacturers' pain areas in the business and where they are stuck. Our customization helps them to fulfill their business requirements.

We provide cloud-based ERP solutions so that you can access your business information from anywhere and any device. The best part about the affording price that can play a vital role while finalizing the budgeting for apparel business.

2. World Fashion Exchange

World Fashion Exchange

WFX apparel manufacturing ERP software is a popular brand name to provide cloud-based ERP solutions with full flexibility to access any business information from anywhere. It has a modern and latest technology interface so that it will be user-friendly and easy to use. As a cloud-based solution they’re always up to date with the latest features and updates.

WFX ERP is a fully end-to-end integrated ERP solution that ensures data protection. They can digitize and allow you to track all factory functions such as costing, sampling, budgeting, supplier collaboration, buyer, material planning, quality control, order management and so on.

3. Ecotech Software

Ecotech Software

Ecotech software is especially designed for the apparel, garment and textile industry, which helps to integrate various modules in a factory like business such as accounts, costing, budgeting, production planning, barcoding, production tracking, machine maintenance etc. It also allows tracking point of sale, returns, retail orders and garment processing such as weaving, knitting, dyeing and embroidery.

4. Datatex


Datatex is an excellent solution for the apparel manufacturing industry, brands, private labels, etc. Apparel ERP system helps to manage inventory, quality, production planning, shopfloor management, product development, merchandising, purchasing flow, and production scheduling. Datatex offers web-based technology and provides local support in 5 continents. The web-solution is based and runs on the cloud.

5. Jeevan Infotech

Jeevan Infotech

Jeevan infotech is affordable for apparel business and offers an attractive ERP solution. The apparel ERP solution provider offers a complete view of business information at real-time and increases the visibility for informed decisions. It helps users to scale their business and manage their business operations. It is a good fit for your garment manufacturing industry and helps you stay competitive in the market.

6. Exilant Technologies

Exilant Technologies

Exilant technologies offer a seamless ERP system that helps garment manufacturers align with market requirements by providing cutting edge automation to the garment industry. Seamless integration gives real-time visibility into the cost of execution, better operational control, time execution, quality improvement, shipment tracking, and order management. Many big players in the industry have installed the ERP system.

7. BatchMaster


BatchMaster is designed to fulfill various functions such as inventory management, production planning, quality control, and accounting management for the apparel industry. BatchMaster is offering end-to-end ERP solutions that allow garment manufacturers to manage the entire fashion industry. This software is experienced to fulfill unique challenges and address industry-specific needs. It can handle product designing, sourcing, demand management, production scheduling, supply chain, and support multichannel distribution.

8. Axon Infosoft

Axon Infosoft

Axon infosoft offers automation for the entire garment operation with seamless integration with web enabled. Axon is designed specially to fulfill market standards. It has a backtracking feature that helps the top management level to keep an eye on all the activities which run over the web. Automated messages and alarms on enquiry follow-ups, cost deviations, calendar deviations, time scheduling, reminders on approval deadlines, quality check, bill pass pending list, payables and receivables alerts, and so on. These are unique features integrated into the apparel ERP solution to fulfill clients’ requirements. It also supports international EDI and bar-coding integration.

9. Axind Software

Axind Software

Axind software is an excellent choice for selling products in less time and managing people and processes. It allows creation and sharing of style catalogues and specifications of record approvals and tests, creating cost sheets in different currencies, management of sampling and production orders, vendor information and compliances, tracking shipments, and orders shipment.

10. Royal Datamatics

Royal Datamatics

Royal Datamatic is offering a full-fledged ERP application that can handle all the activities in the apparel manufacturing industry. It can cover merchandising, production planning, inventory management, procurement, bundle ticketing, HR, payroll, invoicing, shipping and so on. There are many big players that have installed this ERP software for their garment industry.

Conclusion : -

Now, you have a fair idea and can choose the best apparel manufacturing ERP software, and you have all the required details. Above-mentioned apparel ERP software have impressive and user-friendly features and benefits. Now, it’s up to you which ERP software can fulfill your business requirements. If you need customized apparel ERP then you can consider Absolute ERP for your garment business.

You can consider the efficiency and effectiveness of each ERP system for the apparel industry. You can also evaluate your objectives, required customizations, and budget before selecting the right apparel ERP software to fulfill your business goals in 2023.



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