Top 10 Best ERP Software for Pharmaceuticals Businesses

Summary- In this blog, we’ll cover the top 10 best ERP software solutions for Pharmaceuticals businesses.

The Pharma ERP software implementation in pharmaceutical companies drives the entire business operations but also helps the pharmaceutical companies focus on monitoring quality, costing, inventory, distribution, compliance, and much more. Absolute ERP understands the Pharma business owners’ pain area in the pharmaceutical business. Pharma ERP solutions per industry integrate with various departments to provide real-time information.

ERP system implementation helps pharmaceutical manufacturers to track their products, optimize time and increase overall business performance. Pharma ERP solutions cover all ranges of pharmaceutical business such as quality assurance, inventory, warehouses, supply chain, financials, purchasing, sales, reporting, and accounting. It also helps to reduce labor costs and IT expenses and allows you to achieve overall business performance. It also helps to improve the interaction between the various departments and the company. You can make informed decisions in real time. In this blog, we’ll cover some of the best ERP solutions for pharma businesses.

Here you can find Top 10 Best ERP Software Solutions to automate your pharmaceuticals manufacturing operations-

Table of Content -

1. Absolute ERP

Absolute ERP

Absolute ERP is one of the leading manufacturing ERP solutions for pharmaceutical business. It helps pharma manufacturers to manage their entire business operations on cloud and they can run their business on cloud, giving full accessibility so that you can access your business information at anytime from anywhere. Absolute ERP is also compatible with any device, so you do not worry whether you’re using windows or mac, android or iOS etc.

2. SAP ERP Software

SAP ERP Software

SAP ERP software helps pharma companies to manage their financials, human resources, cross-application modules, functionalities, logistics, inventory and other business aspects. ERP implementation helps to monitor costs, orders, services, invoices, documents the overall progress of the operations, collects data and many more. SAP ERP offers user-friendliness, real-time integration, flexibility, accessibility and much more in its use.

3. Oracle NetSuite

Oracle NetSuite

NetSuite is the best ERP software that delivers cloud-based technology and financial management capabilities to improve the business of pharmaceutical companies. NetSuite ERP helps many manufacturers to address their business challenges. It is used to store and retrieve business information. It is one of the most flexible and easy to manage operations. It is used to integrate and streamline the entire operations and other transactions. It will help you to make better decisions in real-time, drive faster results, analytics and personalized dashboards.

4. Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft dynamics is the most popular choice of most users and widely used ERP software for customer relationship management (CRM), payroll and more. Microsoft Dynamics ERP system helps pharmaceutical manufacturers to manage their drugs costing, supply chain, and performance management. Their ERP implementation supports the strong domain, technical and functional expertise so that pharma companies can grow rapidly.

5. Sage ERP

Sage ERP

Sage X3 is an excellent choice for upper-mid to large pharma companies. This ERP solution is not a suitable choice for small pharma industries. It is designed to provide great supply chain management and offers a deep functionality for large pharma industries out of the box. It also designed a great ecosystem of consultants for pharma validation.

Blue Link ERP

Blue link is a great choice for pharma distribution companies. However, it is not a great choice for large pharma companies with heavier responsibilities. The biggest strength for blue link ERP would be its last long functionalities. It has a great capability to monitor suspicious drugs, ARCOS reporting, CSOS, and much more. The other feature of Blue Link ERP is technical architecture, especially when you compare it with the others.

7. QAD


QAD is a popular choice for upper-mid large pharma manufacturing companies. Especially suitable for large industries with the need for deeper operational functionality. It could support various business models with the combination of discrete and manufacturing processes like drugs, diagnostic tests, devices etc. QAD has deeper operational functionality for pharma companies and assists them to stay competitive.

8. Aptean Process Pro

Aptean Process Pro

Aptean ProcessPro is a suitable choice for small to medium process manufacturers, and it is an amazing choice for companies that require heavier manufacturing capabilities. It supports formulation management and batch manufacturing and much more. This ERP software helps pharma industries to improve speed and efficiency, reduce costs and labor, etc.



SYSPRO is an excellent option for small pharma distributors. It has a great ability to support formulation management and accommodates several different business models for small drug manufacturers, repackages, laboratories, or distributors who produce drugs and devices both. It also supports supply chain and finance management.

10. ECi Deacom

ECi Deacom

ECi Deacom is for small manufacturers, and it is designed to support both distributors and manufacturers, like- master lot numbers, formulation and preformulation management, and quality process. It also has designed strong technical architecture that can easily support pharma industries. It provides a complete package of payment, financial reporting, analytics, supply chain management, and other inventory management.

The Bottom Line

Pharma manufacturing industries have been involved in operations and require a robust ERP system that can support changing regulatory requirements. Above-mentioned ERP systems are the best and popular choices for pharma industries. If you need customization as per your business requirements, then you can also contact us and get the customized quote.

You need a robust Absolute ERP system which is designed to support your pharma processes natively. And hopefully, this topmost list can help you and manage your business operations.



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