2023 Top 10 Best Manufacturing ERP Software

Having the best manufacturing ERP software might be challenging as most manufacturing companies lack proper information. If you are also looking for the installation of the most efficient Manufacturing ERP Software then you have landed at the right place.

The development of enterprise resource planning software has effectively enabled businesses to automate workflows, speed the financial close, and offer AI-driven business intelligence. However, you may expect all these benefits with the help of appropriate and Top 10 Best Manufacturing ERP Software. Therefore, you may explore some of the effective pieces of ERP software stated in this blog.

Here you can find 2023 Top 10 Best Manufacturing ERP Software Solutions to automate your manufacturing business operations:

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1. Absolute ERP

Absolute ERP

Absolute ERP is the best cloud-based Manufacturing ERP Software popular brand in the market that continuously fulfills all the manufacturing business requirements and helps clients to touch the skies. The best part about Absolute ERP is most affordable and customization is the biggest strength. Absolute ERP provides best cloud-based ERP software that helps to streamline your business operations and increases efficiency.

Without a powerful ERP solution to reach everywhere is next to impossible. You can choose ERP wisely for your manufacturing business and Absolute ERP solution can provide the best cloud-based technology to fulfill your business goals in 2023.

Key Features:

  • Multi-Level BOM (bills of materials): Empowers the organization to get complete insights into the inventory status. It helps reduce the wastage of existing resources and to improve business efficiency.
  • Machine/workstation efficiency: The integration feature of Absolute ERP software efficiently boosts the efficiency of the existing machine or workstation for improved results.
  • Inventory management: With the help of Absolute ERP software solution, organizations may easily track and manage the supply of raw materials, components, and finished products to fulfill the customer’s orders.
  • Production management: A manufacturing organization may effortlessly control the production processes with an Absolute ERP solution as it helps them to track budget plans and every step of manufacturing activity to ensure the availability of enough finished products.


  • Provide a centralized system: The cloud-based Absolute ERP software offers a centralized system of ERP to enable entrepreneurs to manage their business data at a single location with online accessibility from anywhere and anytime.
  • Enhance customer experience: Customers are an asset for business and hence their experience with your products and services is quite an important aspect. Therefore, absolute ERP software optimizes the overall business operations to help organizations respond to their customers in a more personalized way.
  • Offer real-time insights: This is another crucial feature of manufacturing ERP software based on the cloud module. Absolute ERP solutions come with business intelligence tools to help their clients to analyze the business data by extracting the report of each task in an organized way.
  • Provide world-class security: An organization can grow at a rapid pace only when it knows the value of data security. Hence, cloud-based Absolute ERP provides businesses with data back-up and disaster recovery systems to protect against the loss of data irrespective of causes.

2. Acumatica ERP

Acumatica ERP

Acumatica is cloud-based software that comes in different versions depending on the industry you are in, like Manufacturing. Further, the availability of The Order Management module proves helpful for tasks like requisitions, and purchase orders.

Acumatica ERP also works with Inventory Management and also offers the feature for order management and the Field Service module. You must know that these factors are crucial for manufacturing companies.

Key Features:

  • Flexible production methods: Acumatica offers flexible production methods that offer management solutions for make-to-order, make-to-stock, engineer-to-order, configure-to-order, and repetitive, batch processes. It also leads to project-driven manufacturing environments.
  • Engineer and design: The cloud-based ERP solution Acumatica helps businesses to streamline product designing processes and manages the production bills of the available materials.
  • Planning and scheduling: Acumatica’s planning and scheduling feature allows enterprises to work on a single dashboard to keep a check on every step of the manufacturing process.

Benefits of Acumatica ERP software:

You may find some of these core benefits of using Acumatica ERP software:

  • Automate the field service operations: Manufacturing businesses need to take care of deploying the right people to make their services more efficient. The use of cloud-based ERP software like Acumatica help manufacturing companies with real-time graphical information related to specific route and location.
  • Streamline their accounting management tasks: The cloud-based Acumatica ERP software allows entrepreneurs to have a complete view of costs related to their business projects to get accurate billing reports.
  • Organize distribution management task: The Acumatica ERP Assists in eliminating possible delays by automating the sales order processing and by ensuring the continuous supply of materials to keep manufacturing processes in flow.
  • Help in managing customers effortlessly: The most admirable aspect of the Acumatica ERP software is that it enables entrepreneurs to get a 360-degree view. The software provides manufacturers with an organized report at one location to realize the demand of customers and fulfill those on time.

3. NetSuite ERP

NetSuite ERP

You may find it a top-notch Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning system. It works to offer support to mid and large-scale businesses involved in a variety of industries.

NetSuite ERP comes with comprehensive and modular solutions for manufacturing. The software offers all those features that you need to manage production, supply chains, orders, warehouses, analytics, finance, and accounting.

Key Features:

  • Order Management: NetSuite ERP software comes with order management that helps minimize shipping costs and enhance the customer experience. A cloud-based solution like NetSuite ERP is the best choice to streamline operations across the business.
  • Automation: NetSuite ERP comes with automation modules that can allow businesses to automate their time-consuming tasks like payroll management, order processing, invoicing, and reporting as well.
  • One database, one system: You can find the cloud-based NetSuite ERP software that creates a single database system to help organizations gain visibility on whole business data. The software works efficiently across different countries irrespective of the languages.
  • Procurement: The innovative feature of NetSuite ERP based on cloud technology helps manufacturers to get stepwise project cost reports to plan for the procurement process of raw materials and required resources enabling businesses to deliver services and products on time.


By adopting the NetSuite ERP based on cloud-module, manufacturing businesses may experience these benefits:

  • Improve the visibility of the business: Most business organizations aim at offering personalized services to their targeted clients. Hence, they usually look for a customizable system that may allow them to access the unified data of customers. Thus, the use of the NetSuite ERP enables organizations to make their marketing strategies more productive.
  • Boost the company’s growth: The utilization of integrated software help organizations to expand their horizons quickly. The appropriate use of the cloud-based solution NetSuite ERP assists in improving the up-selling and cross-selling of the products to take the business to the next level of growth.
  • Help save time and money: The adoption of the cloud-based modules of ERP software has eliminated the need for installing complex IT systems. Therefore, businesses working with the NetSuite ERP software may easily manage their operations at a minimal cost. Apart from such cloud-based software help simplify the project complexities.
  • Centralize every business process for faster growth: Centralization of business data has become one of the essential parts of business processes. The advent of the NetSuite ERP software has made it possible for intensive convenience and accelerated growth of the organization.

4. Workday ERP

Workday ERP

Workday is a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that provides comprehensive analytics and business intelligence in real-time.

It enables the meeting of the needs of medium-sized to large enterprises in a variety of industries including manufacturing. The software also offers a range of features like adaptive planning for financial planning and human capital management.

Key Features:

  • AI-based Finance and HR application: The workday ERP software provides companies with AI-based Finance and HR application that allows businesses to maintain more accuracy and drive error-free business operations.
  • Adaptability: Response to the changing needs of clients might be a bit challenging. But with the help of cloud-based manufacturing ERP software, organizations may easily and quickly step ahead to make the next move to streamline business operations across different departments including finance, HR, and IT.

Benefits of the Workday ERP:

  • Offer a complete picture: Organizations may easily get complete insights into their business functions with the help of the Workday ERP. It is equipped with the potential to manage and store finance, HR, and operational data in a single place.
  • Make business operations frictionless: With the use of the workday ERP solution, businesses may create a frictionless environment to manage their operational tasks with ease.
  • Provide a platform for continuous recalibration: It refers to updating your business strategies as per customer demand. The cloud-based Workday ERP software empowers organizations to easily realize what they need to approach next to keep pace with the changing scenario of the business market.



If you are manufacturing companies you may realize how important it is to have ERP software to handle complex business processes. With SAP S/4, you can get some of the most up-to-date manufacturing industry capabilities, like MRP live and MRP cockpit as well as predictive MRP to analyze a lot of data. It also lets you make sure that your inventory is running smoothly.

Key Features:

  • Automates processes: The cloud-based solution package like Sap ERP offers a dedicated feature to automate the workflow across your business operations.
  • Integrate seamlessly: Improve the business efficiency and streamline the entire operational tasks by integrating with your enterprise system easily.
  • Improve collaboration: Support collaboration between business and project team members to maintain systematic implementations of business strategy.
  • Responsible AI: The cloud-based SAP ERP is equipped with trusted and responsible AI that allows businesses to come up with agile decisions for accelerated growth.


  • Help create the global business model: SAP ERP is the most capable cloud technology that supports businesses to create the business model at a global scale.
  • Assist to build sustainability: Working with innovative and feature-enriched ERP software helps businesses work proactively and allow them to adapt to changes in the current market.
  • Provide data security: Businesses adopt the SAP ERP to secure their data with the more trusted system for all kinds of business data.
  • Reduce upfront cost: The cloud-based ERP is the best selection to integrate your business process with powerful and innovative technology without investment in infrastructure establishment.

6. Epicor ERP

Epicor ERP

Epicor is an on-premises manufacturing system with a SaaS cloud solution. This ERP system provides innovative solutions such as IIoT-enabled smart shop floors and real-time data alerts. Usually, mid-sized enterprises prefer it the most.

Key Features:

  • Business intelligence, analytics, and reporting: These are inbuilt features of the cloud-based software Epicor that is crucial to gain valuable insights into the financial and operational aspects.
  • Financial management: The integrated solution of Epicor ERP software proves helpful for automating financial operations and offers support to manage complex standards and regulatory compliance.
  • Production management: The use of efficient ERP software can easily automate the production management process and help companies meet the customer’s requirements on time.
  • Supply chain and logistics: Epicor offers solutions for inventory management, data integration, dispatch, and shipping solutions to assist reduce operational costs and improve relationships with your customers.


  • Help businesses analyze what they need: the cloud-based Epicor ERP software helps you integrate your business process for having a centralized system of a business database to increase productivity and to make the business process result oriented.
  • Streamline your business operations: Integration features of Epicor ERP proves helpful in connecting every part of your business operation to provide real-time visibility into the production processes.
  • Boost revenues and profits: Epicor ERP software solution helps anticipate the demand that would match your production efficiency.

7. Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP

Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP

It is another Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that is available in both the Azure cloud and the on-premises version. Generally, small and medium-sized businesses in all industries prefer the use of Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP the most.

Businesses opt for this software as it consists of innovative features based on IoT Intelligence and provides them with real-time data on manufacturing processes. With the use of Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP, Manufacturing companies may easily identify production delays, equipment breakdowns, and product quality problems to fix immediately.

Key Features:

  • Integration: The Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP software has the potential to integrate across different things like finance, manufacturing, and stocks.
  • Built-in-intelligence: The presence of built-in-intelligence features like machine learning and artificial intelligence in cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP allows businesses to effectively manage their customer data for efficient outcomes.
  • Potential to adapt: Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP is highly compatible with actions like customization, extension, or integration to ensure the fulfillment of your business requirements.


  • Turn business operations more efficient: The ERP software Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP comes with real-time insights and predictive intelligence to help businesses to resolve hindrances that prevent effective operations.
  • Help create productive strategies: It might seem difficult to come up with smarter strategies required to make manufacturing businesses successful. The deployment of Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP based on cloud technology helps organizations to create a data-driven environment for the right decision-making potential.
  • Enhance team productivity: The Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP creates the central source of information that helps develop an organized system to carry on business operations. The software effectively works to centralize data related to people, and processes within a business ecosystem.
  • Help minimize the operational cost: Cloud-based solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP software has capabilities to automate the various manufacturing operations and let entrepreneurs come up with a cost-efficient budget to control additional investments.

8. Oracle ERP

Oracle ERP

It is a cost-effective Enterprise Resource Planning system to meet the needs of large enterprises. It is equipped with a wide range of features, including Oracle Digital Assistant, which provides users with the ability to query and answer questions in real time.

Apart from all these, the software is Connected with IoT, Integrated Supply Chain, and Machine Learning technologies, which has made it an ideal choice for manufacturing companies of all sizes.

Key Features:

  • Product and life cycle management: The system of Product and life cycle management offered by Oracle ERP allows manufacturers to get innovative ideas to design new products as per the market trend.
  • Account Reconciliation: This specific feature available in the cloud-based Oracle ERP assists the organization to automate Account Reconciliation tasks. It makes them able to get an accurate statement of finances related to overall expenses.
  • Supply chain planning: Manufacturing organizations may effectively manage the processing of raw materials across the plants, and distribution centers for efficient manufacturing operations.
  • Order management: The order management feature provided by the cloud-based Oracle ERP software empowers the organization to increase its profit margin and improve its customer service as well.


  • Simplify the manufacturing operations: The transformation of the raw materials into finished products takes time and resources well.
  • Help launch new business models for faster growth: Identifying a new business model can be harder in a competitive market. But with Oracle ERP, manufacturing businesses may easily track results and put their efforts into improvement where they find a need for it.
  • Provide automation: With the deployment of the Oracle ERP software, manufacturers may create a systematic platform to perform their manufacturing tasks. The software allows them to automate time-consuming activities to focus on another productive area.
  • Enable to find the predictive report: The cloud-based Oracle ERP software solution offers machine learning to help businesses create predictive planning to make judicious use of the broader datasets and to increase the response time.

9. Genius ERP

Genius ERP

It exists as modular software for custom manufacturers who want to handle complex production processes quickly and easily. It comes with a CRM, production engineering module, and CAD-SOLIDWORKS integration.

Key Features:

  • CAD2BOM: The CAD2BOM feature available in the Genius ERP makes sure that your production department has created quality products. Apart from this, the software lets businesses get an accurate and up-to-date bill of material needed for further actions of procurement, planning, and production.
  • Shop flooring schedule: Genius ERP software comes with the unique feature of optimizing the scheduling in real-time as per the floor capacity and constraints. This in turn helps organizations to escape from getting affected by possible loopholes within the business ecosystem.
  • Help connect and integrate business: Proper connection and integration are a vital part of smooth business operations. Thus, cloud-based Genius ERP enables you to integrate every section of your business with other software to create a shared source of information across the organization.


  • Offer centralized source for your business data: The cloud-based Genius ERP software offers the centralized source for your business data and help manufacturers to effectively track business processes to maximize the company’s output.
  • Streamline business processes to maximize efficiency: Genius ERP software offers automation and integration features to manufacturing businesses to elevate the accuracy of the inventory and maintain consistency within the organization.
  • Improve collaboration: The innovative ERP software based on cloud-computing technology allows businesses to integrate their business system from accounting to engineering to production to shipping which leads to a collaborative work culture.
  • Better Analytics: With the help of Genius ERP, businesses can have a helpful and easy-to-understand report that would help them get wide visibility of whole business processes.

10. E2 ERP


You may come across two distinct products that are E2 Manufacturing System and E2 Shop System. The Manufacturing ERP software provides support to medium and small manufacturers, while the Shop System works for shops of any size.

Further, the software helps manage other crucial processes in manufacturing business like Accounting, Customer Service, Market Relationship Management, Quality Control, and Customer Relationship Management.

Key Features:

  • Production and planning: The E2 is an efficient enterprise software system that allows entrepreneurs to plan for the allocation of resources and raw materials to meet consumer demand on time.
  • Material and inventory: The software consists of an in-built feature to help enterprises capture wide visibility of product material and inventory stock status.
  • Account and finance: Automate accounting and financial operations to make them more efficient and accurate to provide businesses with clarity in their overall expenses.
  • Sales and delivery: Generate complete data automatically on sales and delivery to keep the enterprises updated with the sales ratio and to manage the inventory effectively.


  • Provide flexibility of access: Enterprise resource planning software like E2 ERP developed using cloud technology allows users to access their stored data via the internet from anywhere and anytime.
  • Real-time data analytics: Creates real-time data that enables organizations to observe and analyze different areas of the business to boost efficiency and improvements.
  • Enhanced security: E2 ERP provides super-security against any kind of data breach.
  • Service support at all times: The E2 ERP being a cloud-based system runs on the vendor’s server and hence ERP service provider stays available to resolve technical issues if any arise.

Final words:

If you are in the manufacturing industry, then you must update or choose the best manufacturing ERP software 2023 such as Absolute ERP. Innovative technology always helps businesses manage their manufacturing operations and processes better, which leads to lower costs, higher profits, better decision-making skills, increased revenue, and return on investment.



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