Top Five Manufacturing ERP

Top 5 Manufacturing ERP Systems

Summary- Installation and implementation of an ERP system for manufacturing companies are always an investment as this is a costly affair. Therefore, when Companies are investing in Manufacturing ERP software then they must compare and choose best ERP software and make wise Investments. We’ll go through the top 5 manufacturing ERP systems in this blog.

Here are the Top 5 manufacturing ERP systems:

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Absolute ERP

Absolute ERP

Absolute ERP is categorized under Tier I and provides cloud-based technology to meet unique requirements in manufacturing industries. Most manufacturers struggled between traditional ERP software. However, Absolute ERP provides the best customization in the market.

Take advantage of cloud ERP technologies that provide accessibility, reduce operational costs, human errors, greater flexibility, and data security.

Absolute ERP's experienced team understands the main pain area of manufacturers and provides the best customized ERP solution to stay competitive in the market. The best part is it is available at an affordable price range.

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a Tier II provider but is often included in Tier I because many large enterprises are using this ERP. Microsoft Dynamics 365 has a good reputation as the name Microsoft is added and has a good reputation and goodwill. Investors can easily believe in the security and longevity of the system.

Microsoft Dynamics 360 provides customization through the third party but is easily customizable and adapts with the integration of other systems. The maintenance is done through a Third-party too, so it becomes a bit costly due to the involvement of the third party and contractors.

Dynamics 365 includes Financial Management, Operations, Project Management, Sales, Purchase, and CRM with Interactive dashboards and a useful reporting system.



NetSuite is categorized as Tier I ERP and is meaningful for Large Enterprises especially though very recently Oracle has given some basic solutions at low cost to small and medium enterprises.

NetSuite is a cloud-based ERP solution that provides automation functionality to meet unique business requirements through one single system. NetSuite PSA consists of Production Planning, Shop Floor Planning, Sales, Purchase, Accounting, Project Management, and Asset Management. The efficacy of the system is Human Resource Capital which automates the HR and Payroll.

It provides

  1. NetSuite ERP solution helps to streamline the entire business process and improve the resources growth to remain competitive in the market.
  2. It helps to combine data with visual analytics to generate meaningful and actionable business insights for better results.
  3. You can ask for customized functionality as your industry requirements.



SAP is classified under the Tier I ERP category. SAP offers almost all utilities that the customer needs as per its own industry requirements. SAP provides Customization but it takes lots of time and Investment. SAP is meaningful for large and very Large Enterprises. SAP is available on the cloud and on-premises.

SAP software solutions globally enhance customer relations and help smooth operations. SAP software solutions has been chosen by more than 50 percent of the population around the globe. Enterprise Mobility Solutions is becoming popularized in the rest of the countries as well.

The SAP software solutions implementation process is based on the roadmap. There is a segregation of the roadmap based on stages. There is a preparation stage, a planning stage, an understanding stage, a terminating preparation stage and the last one is a support stage. An implementation assistant helps in the implementation execution. The implementation of the SAP ERP becomes simpler by following the implementation assistant.



This Tier II provider offers a platform for any manufacturer with over $1 million in sales. Epicor offers production management, supply chain management, and production scheduling as well as accounting management. Its manufacturers can utilize make-to-order, configure-to-order, and make-to-stock shop floor control and manage it all within the out-of-the-box software functionality. The system is easy to customize and scalable. It is also compatible with all mobile devices.

Epicor also offers Quality Performance Management that you can’t be able to find in other software providers.

Expectations of Manufacturing Companies

The market is full of, ERP systems but it is a useful System as per the need and expectations of the company as well as the size and complexity of the organization.

ERP solution providers are divided into Tier I, II & III for ease of convenience and software utilities and cost and investment.

For Large Enterprises Tier I, ERP like SAP and Oracle are Suitable. For Medium and Small Enterprises Tier II ERPs are suitable but one thing is Noticeable Large Enterprises can choose Tier II ERPs as they can save Investment because most Tier II ERPs have almost the same features and Functionalities that Tier I, consist of.

The Company can make its own plan to purchase which module and they can add on more modules as per requirements.

How to Choose the Right ERP Software
  1. Make a Budget.
  2. Decide whether to want to go Tier I or Tier II ERP Players.
  3. Get the demo first.
  4. Understand industry need and expectation.
  5. Compare the cost.
  6. Decide on-premises or Cloud.
  7. Check the Reviews on google and elsewhere.
  8. Decide how much customization is required and who is easily ready to do it at a reasonable cost.
  9. Ask for a Quotation and Compare each module, utilities, functionality, and cost.
  10. Last but not, ask for references for Implementation and get feedback from existing clients.

Choosing a manufacturing ERP solution is difficult, you have several options and expensive investments that command efficiency with operations. You can several other ERP systems that are highly popular in the market and have a good reputation.

You can choose the great fit for many industries and situations such as Absolute ERP, NetSuite, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Odoo, Zoho, Genius ERP, and so on. These might be as strong as these products or might be stronger for many manufacturing industries like- Leather, Garments, Apparel, chemicals, Pharma, etc., and market segments.



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