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Vintex Rubber Industries specializes in made to order designs and compounds. We provide complete rubber roller assemblies to fulfill the requirement of our customers. Our in-house procedures make us highly competitive from complete design, to our engineering expertise in roller design, till final inspection to delivery. We maintain excellent quality standards for our customers, resulting in minimum rejection rate.


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Vintex faces significant challenges (Rubber Roller Manufacturer)

In the rubber manufacturing industry, productivity plays an important role in any industry that enables a firm to compete in a competitive global world. Increased productivity provides an idea about how efficiently resources in a company are utilized.

However, in our rubber industry, we see that productivity was a bit low due to unskilled professionals or lack of proper training. We really need someone who is an expert and has rich experience in customization and can address our main challenges.

We are continually facing raw material wastage issues from our inventory, and we have realized that we don’t have a proper system that can give us accurate measurements of raw materials during production and reduce the wastage of pipes.

A Brief of Problems

1. Lack of information about pipe sizes in inventory-

Our Inventory is full of all sizes of pipes; however, our workers lack information about the pipe sizes and they’re cutting any length of pipe during production makes a rise in wastage. Which is our topmost concern before implementing Absolute ERP software. In the past few months, we have analyzed that our capital is spent on materials very often. We’re eagerly looking for a permanent solution for the wastage of pipes.

2. New pipes are used instead of existing pipes-

We have physically visited our factory and thoroughly checked that our workers are not using the existing pipes every time they use a new length of pipe during production. It was a complete waste of existing pipes and other resources. It was happening because machinery and inventory locations were the same. To save time during production our workers were using every new pipe in the manufacturing process.

3. Waste of pipes leads to wastage of resources-

Waste pipes mean we’re wasting each resource. That should be reduced immediately, but how we don’t have any solution until we meet Absolute ERP. We’re in big trouble and keep thinking that how we can reduce wastage and save our resources, money, and time. Many thoughts in our mind have no solution and keep searching for a suitable solution that can fit in our industry and can help us to reduce wastage.

4. Left out inventory is a challenge when cutting pipes-

Left out inventory frequently was a major challenge for us. During the inspection of the factory, we realized that our problem is not just ending here on wastage, we’re facing stock-out and to keep production on we need to refill our inventory often. Everything was messed up due to inappropriate production planning. Proper systematic production planning is required, and inventory management was also on our list.

To centralize Vintex problem, Absolute ERP analysis there critical pain areas. And we provide exact solution to their team.

Solutions provided by Absolute ERP Software Solutions

At first, the machines' locations and the pipes storage spaces were altered. The right number of pipes and the available sizes of pipes were then entered by the client into our bespoke ERP software.

"One stop Production planning tool for manufacturer"

Now, the ERP Software immediately offers the available stock and pipe size when they begin the process of cutting the pipes to the required length. Due to our Absolute ERP solution, Vintex was able to reduce waste by upto 25% in the following few months as a result.

One order of new roller has been come after In that they have a challenge of pipe cutting In which pipe.



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