About Z.B. Footwear LLP

Z.B. Footwear is a well-known Manufacturer & Exporters of men's and ladies' leather footwear for Dockers and Bugatti. They made from the finest quality of leather. They have a state-of-the-art leather processing unit as well as shoe manufacturing unit with an installed capacity of 1000-1200 pair’s shoes per day. We are a SA8000 certified company.


Results achieved in just 3 months


Automation is done in their purchase planning


Raw material accuracy by MRP

Significant Challenges of Z.B. Footwear

Z.B. Footwear is one of the largest footwear manufacturers and exporters, its manufacturers the shoes for Dockers and Bugatti. Before implementing the Absolute ERP manufacturing software, they were facing a lot of critical challenges related to the production planning, production scheduling, material requisition planning, and dispatch related issues. We hope the pointers below give a brief overview of challenges for better understanding.

A Brief of Challenges

1. A perfect production planning, production scheduling and MRP was a biggest challenge before manufacturing-

Z.B. footwear production planning was not organized in a well-mannered. Their Production planning involves scheduling production of a specific shoe style and size to meet delivery schedules which means they need to manufacturing of the various article shoes before the delivery date. The ultimate solution was a proper production planning, scheduling and material requisition planning that helps them to manufacturer the different article shoes with an accurate raw material quantity.

2. Material requisition planning was not accurate and automated in the system for raw material accuracy-

To meet the season-wise delivery they need to fix the raw material quantity in material requisition planning system so that, they’ll have an idea about the accurate raw material quantity and make the PO (purchase order) as per orders requirements.

3. Delivery dispatch was also a pain point after the production-

Z.B. footwear received orders from different brands, which Z.B. footwear do manufacture against of one blatt that contains multiple orders and assortment numbers. In other words, to keep the privacy of information of the client Z.B. footwear needs to manufacturer the shoes in one blatt that includes multiple orders and assortments numbers, which makes the easy of dispatch related challenges.

To centralize Z.B. footwear problem, Absolute ERP analysis their critical pain areas and we provide the exact solution to their team.

The Ultimate Solution Provided by Absolute ERP

We initially automated their production planning process, production scheduling, material requisition planning and dispatch process in accordance with their delivery schedule. ERP recommends to Z.B. footwear how much they need to generate each day and each week through automatic production creation.

Each Blatt contains numerous sales orders, all of which are punched into the ERP system. They generate a single Manufacturing order in response to many sales orders. When production is finished, Absolute ERP will bifurcate the finished product in accordance with the order number and assortment that makes the dispatch process easy as per the assortment number.



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