Best Manufacturing ERP for Small Manufacturers

Best Manufacturing ERP System Helps Small Business Manufacturers in 2024

The manufacturing industry refers to the transformation projects that need a well-structured and cost-effective system to deliver the finished goods. To help you, we have created this blog where you can find actual reasons and market trends to work with the right manufacturing ERP software for small business manufacturers.

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What is Manufacturing ERP Software?

Modern manufacturing ERP software is specific to the manufacturing industry and integrates entire business processes to provide you with valuable insights from a single source. The feature-enriched ERP offers innovative functionalities such as bills of materials (BOM), manufacturing resource planning (MRP), sales orders, and purchasing to help manufacturers streamline their business operations.

Core Features of Manufacturing ERP System:

Material requirements planning (MRP):

MRP functionality helps track the available resources and use of the production equipment. With these features, small manufacturers may minimize shipping errors and manage their inventory tasks flawlessly.

Manufacturing execution system (MES):

A manufacturing execution system (MES) helps offer real-time data related to the shop floor. We all know that business data is crucial for making a business capable of using the right decision-making skills. Apart from these, these features include the function to streamline manufacturing processes and ensure the delivery of quality products on time.

Manufacturing accounting:

It offers efficient accounting features including inventory, payroll, and accounts receivable. Additionally, the manufacturing accounting feature also supports the effective management of the sales and purchase orders and reports.

Supply chain management:

Help production plants manage their supply chain more accurately and get control over their inventory.

Customer relationship management (CRM):

It is another helpful feature of small manufacturers to manage their relations for longer retention of customers. CRM integration allows users to store customer and prospect data securely to respond to them without delays.

Why is ERP Crucial for Small Business Manufacturers?

A cost-effective and centralized ERP system are fundamental aspects for businesses to gain a competitive edge in a competitive market. If we talk about small business manufacturers, they have limited budgets and resources. Therefore, cloud-based Manufacturing ERP software is an essential part of business infrastructure. Such innovative solutions greatly reduce upfront costs and support automation for critical manual business functions. But it is important to work with the right ERP solutions to distinguish your business processes and grow rapidly.

You may find a diverse range of ERP brands that makes the selection of the most suitable one overwhelming. Therefore, you may find key features and benefits of top cloud-based ERP software in the below section to come up with the right decision

Top Cloud-Based ERP Solutions for Small Business Manufacturing Industry:

Absolute ERP

Absolute ERP

As a leading ERP solutions provider, Absolute ERP delivers cloud-based ERP systems for the manufacturing industry. It aims at elevating the competencies of budding manufacturers to create cost-effective and efficient product strategies. With the help of modern ERP software solutions, they can quickly create their market recognition to amplify their business ROIs.

Key Features:

  • Multi-level BOM: Absolute ERP offers the Multi-level BOM (bills of materials) solution to make sure that manufacturers will not run out of their inventory stocks.
  • Production schedule: The ERP solutions provided by Absolute ERP allow manufacturers to maintain a steady flow of production. This in turn helps you to increase the resources for on-time delivery of the products.
  • Quality check factor: ERP software offered by Absolute ERP enables manufacturers to analyze their product quality. To continue in the competitive market and to engage more customers, businesses must pay attention to creating super-quality products.

Infor CloudSuite Industrial (Syteline)

Infor CloudSuite Industrial

You may find it the most efficient ERP solution for small business manufacturers. It empowers them to enhance productivity from the back office to the shop floor. Infor CloudSuite Industrial (Syteline) wide range of functionalities that eases and automates theplanning and material management processes.This ERP software also enables small manufacturers to manage their financial operations for accurate data on overall expenses.

Key Features:

The Infor CloudSuite Industrial (Syteline) is based on cloud technology and offers these features to provide manufacturers with production insights:

  • EAPs: Infor CloudSuite Industrial (Syteline) offers EAP (employee assistance program) features that help make the billing process simpler. It also allows small business manufacturers to monitor their business performance with the accuracy of each data.
  • Integration: The software integrates with other business software to create the most efficient solution for production and a collaborative business ecosystem.
  • Automation: ERP software like Infor CloudSuite Industrial (Syteline) helps automate repetitive tasks. Thus, it allows organizations to minimize the complexities of manufacturing processes and help boost business efficiency.
  • Extensibility: It offers data-driven applications that are important for small business manufacturers to manage specific tasks of the manufacturing industry.

SAP Business One

SAP Business One

This specific software is based on a cloud-based system and helps manage several sub-verticals of the manufacturing industry. The software has the potential to offer solutions for different functionalities like inventory, purchasing, sales, accounting and financials, and customer relationships based on analytics and reporting.

Key Features:

The ERP software “SAP Business One” reveals several key features that you can find here:

  • Financial management solution: With the help of SAP Business One, you can easily reduce errors and get the most accurate financial data to drive more profitability. This ERP software management component works to manage the cash flow and track the budget of the entire project.
  • Sales and Customer Management solution: SAP Business One works as a one-stop solution when it comes to managing sales and customers. By using such an innovative system, you may easily track the customer lifecycle and assess the efficiency of the sales process.
  • Inventory control solution: Being a small business manufacturer, you may go with SAP Business One to make the purchasing practice more efficient. The software helps manage the order-to-pay cycle which is crucial to control the cost of the manufacturing. As an ERP Solutions Provider, SAP Business One realizes the actual need of small businesses and provides them with a centralized system.
  • Business intelligence: The SAP Business One offers solutions to generate an accurate report on time and allows manufacturers to analyze it interactively. Apart from this, the business intelligence features of SAP Business One assist in improving cash visibility and sales performance.

Oracle Netsuite

Oracle Netsuite

Oracle Netsuite is the ideal choice for those small business manufacturers who look for cloud-based solutions. This specific ERP software is proficient at accelerating growth across different verticals of manufacturing businesses. Oracle Netsuite offers efficient management solutions across sales, production, supply chain, inventory, and financials.

Key Features:

Oracle Netsuite has a variety of in-built features to help small-business manufacturers to manage their manufacturing for increased revenues:

  • Order Management: the intelligent order management solution offered by Oracle Netsuite works effectively manages the inventory system to fulfill rising customer demands.
  • Planning and scheduling: scheduling usually seems difficult for small business manufacturers. Thus, Oracle Netsuite provides them with an efficient Planning and scheduling engine. It is flexible and also makes manufacturers aware of upcoming production requirements.
  • Quality Management: The production of quality products is the basic and the most imperative aspect for the growth of businesses. Therefore, the quality management feature of the Oracle Netsuite allows budding manufacturers to create and deliver a super-quality product every time.



Small business manufacturers always need to have intensive capabilities to gain a competitive edge. Thus, if they choose to go with the cloud-based ERP solution Acumatica, they can experience a broad range of innovations.

Key Features:

  • Flexible production methods: With highly flexible production methods, small manufacturers may easily manage the inventory system, order, and purchase for a sales-driven ecosystem. Working with Acumatica will help you improve manufacturing strategies and profitability as well.
  • Engineer and design solution: Another feature of the Engineer and design is another kind of solution to streamline product design processes. Acumatica allows Small business manufacturers to get the bill of materials from CAD (computer-aided design) OR PLM (product lifecycle management) application based on accuracy.
  • Scheduling and planning solution: This specific feature of Acumatica provides manufacturing companies with an efficient dashboard to track all activities of the business. It is crucial for reducing downtime and increasing overall business efficiency.

The budding or small manufacturers must be aware of the competition they have to face due to the efforts and use of innovative technology by large enterprises. You may consider these market trends:

  • The production software solutions help develop result-driven strategies to support their manufacturing business. The latest concepts and technologies help transform the business ecosystem and allow you to gain a competitive edge. The ERP enables manufacturers to store their information in a single location to ensure accessibility from anywhere over the Internet.
  • The adoption of up-to-date ERP solutions will resolve the entire issues of the business. The Advanced manufacturing ERP software can connect all manufacturing processes and automate the manual tasks that enable the companies to focus on other initiatives required to make your business more productive.
  • ERP systems for manufacturing processes enable manufacturers to work through the latest concepts for increased consumer demand. It allows them to balance between the sales force and customers. The innovative ERP system has allowed small businesses to cope with unexpected business challenges.

What are the Common Challenges of Small Business Manufacturers?

Most small manufacturing companies wish to deploy futuristic software to reduce operational costs and gain more transparency. The budding businesses across industries need more attention and strategies to level up the competitive scenario.

But they also have to consider their budget and resource availability. Therefore, production ERP based on cloud modules is the most efficient solution for small manufacturing businesses and allows them to overcome diverse challenges due to manual approaches and time consumption.

  • Tedious and time-taking routine tasks dependent on manual efforts.
  • Outdated business applications.
  • Restricted resources.
  • Complexities of existing business software.
Importance of ERP for the Manufacturing Industry

Small manufacturers must realize the required functionalities to support organizational growth. They need to assess their business needs so that they may go ahead with the right kind of production software to support and streamline manufacturing processes. The ERP software can integrate each business process and create a single source of truth for authenticity within the business system.

Complete production management solutions always allow organizations to keep pace with changing business markets. Customer response is a vital aspect to assess your performance business metrics.


You may find these above cloud-based ERP software systems offering dedicated functionalities to small manufacturers to enhance their business production capabilities. Small business manufacturers must analyze their business needs to gain a competitive edge and grow at a speedy pace.



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