Top 10 most powerful Manufacturing ERP vendor’s 2023

Summary- Earlier we have seen that traditional manufacturing ERP systems was opted by manufacturers; however, ERP software has enabled enterprises to run core business processes on a single platform that delivered stability, dependability, and reliability.

In this digital era, there are many businesses and manufacturing industries who are embracing digital transformation and seeking agility, speed, flexibility, and remote access to applications which come with cloud-based ERP systems.

Cloud-based ERP technology is the first choice of many manufacturers. During the selection process of cloud-based ERP, manufacturers want ERP deployment from the best vendor who is leading the market. In putting together our list of top 10 most powerful ERP vendors, as per the size of the vendor into account, we evaluated vendors of their cloud strategy and how their vision for the future.

Here are the below top 10 manufacturing ERP vendor’s list :-

1. Absolute ERP

Absolute ERP

Absolute ERP provides customized and powerful manufacturing ERP solutions for various industries such as- garments, textile, wood, chemical, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, FMCG and many more. You’ll get it in the most affordable price range. If you’re looking for the best ERP system, that too customized, cloud-based technology and affordable then Absolute ERP should be top on your ERP vendor list.

2. Oracle


Oracle sits at No.2 and offers cloud-based technology. Oracle NetSuite ERP, the result when Oracle acquired NetSuite in 2016 and since then we all know it as Oracle NetSuite. They target mostly midrange businesses. Oracle is a wide range platform that can accommodate the largest global enterprise. Oracle prioritizes financial functionality over plant-level needs. Also, they can fulfill your business requirements.

3. SAP


SAP is the runway market leader with a great number of annual revenues approaching $30 billion. SAP has installed on-premises ERP software in massive numbers. After that, they also jump to cloud-based technology. SAP is completely featured and offers a perfect ERP solution for any size enterprise. Any type of industry can approach SAP; however, their budget is high as compared to others in the market.

4. Microsoft


Microsoft is one of the popular names that almost everybody knows about. It has a wide range of dynamic products targeted mostly small to midsize businesses, and it’s available in on-premises or cloud iterations. The big advantage of Microsoft is its ability to integrate ERP business processes with other productivity tools such as office, teams, outlook, Power BI, the SQL server database, and other powerful analytics available in the cloud.

5. Sage


Sage group is another powerful name in the industry. The company has built out its own cloud-based infrastructure and is expanding its product lines beyond accounting, finances, and payroll for small business. Now, the company is moving to supply chain management, manufacturing, and sales.

6. Infor


Infor is the most popular choice for many manufacturers. Infor offers a complete range of ERP systems across various manufacturing industries, and it is a legacy vendor, and has made the transition to cloud. Infor offers industry-specific ERP modules and hosted on AWS of multi-tenant cloud platforms. Infor is the most popular choice as it is rated as a leader by Gartner in the category of ERP for product-centric enterprises.

7. Epicor


Epicor’s Kinetic provides cloud ERP platform and it delivers a solid operational ERP solution to different manufacturing industries and distribution companies, along with adjacent capabilities for demand planning, warehouse management, and inventory management.

8. QAD


QAD is another topmost popular name that targets mid-to-large automotive, electronics manufacturing, and life sciences companies with a depth knowledge in supply chain. It perfectly suits those industries or companies who require a deep layer of collaboration with their ERP vendors for forecasting and planning. However, QAD is not a suitable option for those businesses which have diverse business models or very small industries.

9. Acumatica


Acumatica ERP is specifically designed for the manufacturing, distribution, and construction industries. This company is a good option for small manufacturers but not an ideal fit for large companies with complex manufacturing processes or with a global location.

10. Plex


Plex is one of the robust and integrated ERP software and a great MES (manufacturing execution system) solution that is primarily targeted at large manufacturing industries such as Toyota and Ford automotive ecosystems. It might not be the best fit for manufacturing companies with diverse business models or those companies that might not care for MES as much.


While selecting a perfect and suitable fit for manufacturing ERP is hard. You have different competing priorities and costly investments that offer efficiency with your operations. You need a successful ERP implementation that requires the product to fulfill all the department's needs equally.

There are many other ERP systems that are highly popular in manufacturing ERP systems and might be a great fit for a lot of industries and situations such as Absolute ERP, SYSPRO, Odoo, Zoho, Aptean, ECi Deacom, and many others. They are strong as these products are stronger for some industries and market segments.



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